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The carnival is one of the most famous traditions of Tenerife, it is celebrated at the beginning of February. The most important ingredients for this festival are joie de vivre and disguises. The carnival has been celebrated by settlers from Portugal and Spain since its inception, but was banned during the time of Franco's rule. The inhabitants of Tenerife did not want to miss their favorite festival and simply gave it a different name: The carnival became "Las Fiestas de Invierno" (the winter festivals).
Each parish has its own carnival, the most famous of which takes place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A carnival queen is chosen in each municipality, who is elected in the capital on the occasion of the grand gala of the queen election (Gran Gala de Elección de La Reina). The candidates appear in impressive light costumes that can only be put on with a little practice and are made by a large number of helpers. Another key element of the carnival is the groups of dancers and singers who rehearse together throughout the year. In addition, musicians, small orchestras and groups in identical costumes join together for a large carnival parade, which immerses the island with its floats and disguised residents in a unique ambience. The carnival ends on Miércoles de Ceniza (Ash Wednesday) with the burial of the sardine in Santa Cruz. One week later, however, the "piñata" (the "candy basket") continues.

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