Stories boost Snapchat score

What is a Snapchat Score?

Snapchat is one of the leading social networking apps used by thousands and millions of users. Everyone should know the amount of features that Snapchat offers. Just like everyone should know what Snachapt results are showing under your and your friend's name on Snapchat.

Snapchat is by far the only application among the most popular social networking applications that provides “points” to users based on how the application is used. Now let's see what exactly the Snapchat score is and how it is achieved.

Snapchat Score

The Snapchat score for what we call a “Snapchatter” is calculated by taking into account the number of snaps a “Snapchatter” sends to their friends, the number of snaps they receive from their friends, and how often and how many stories are uploaded by you on the Snapchat application. Basically, the Snapchat score shows how active you are in the application. The higher the score, the more active you are in all of the things mentioned here. So if you want your Snapchat score to be higher, you'd better start with Snapchat Score.

Where is your Snapchat Score?

You can find your Snapchat score right where you can find any stories you have added and where you can access the settings for Snapchat. You can view your current Snapchat score right under your name on Snapchat.

Click that circle to see your Snapchat scoreThis is how the score will appear under your name on Snapchat

The arrow here in the picture above highlights my score for Snapchat. Eleven thousand looks a lot to me, but trust me when I say this that there are people who have points in the millions and more. And with the amount of their activity on Snapchat that can't score that high.

How to see your friends' Snapchat score

  1. If you swipe left on your Snapchat window, right where you will see all the snaps you received from your friends, on the same screen that you can see the avatars for your friends, you will need to see the Snapchat score on that screen.

Swipe left to reach the screen that shows all of your chats with friends on SnapchatYou can see all of the snapshots sent by your friends and their chats

2. To view a friend's Snapchat score, simply click on their avatar. The Snapchat profile will open and display his name and score on Snapchat.

The Snapchat score for a friend is shown here as shown by the arrow in the picture.

If a story appears instead of your avatar, then you need to do so.

  1. Open the chat window for her on your Snapchat.The chat window for a friend will look like this on your screen.
  2. On the left side of this window you can see the three lines as shown in the picture above. Click on this. This will take you to your friend's profile view on Snapchat.The Snapchat score for your friend can also be viewed via these steps

What happens when you increase your Snapchat score?

The only information that Snapchat has passed on to the users of the application is that, as a user, you will receive trophies based on the score on Snapchat as well as your streak with friends. As I mentioned earlier, the more you use Snapchat, the higher the score. The more points you get, the more trophies you will own on Snapchat. Those trophies aside, the possible outcome of increasing your score on Snapchat, in my opinion, would be access to specific filters or possibly some features that those with a high score can access. This could be a good motive for people to increase their Snapchat score.

Unlocking big trophies would be an attractive proposition for a person who loves Snapchat. I have a friend who is a super big fan of Snapchat and her score is extremely high compared to my Snapchat score. I dropped out of our streak once and she's never started another with me because she's very serious about those Snapchat trophies. So for a person who wants these trophies, they should definitely increase their activity on Snapchat.

With the number of changes that an application goes through over and over again, you can also use all the functions of this app as long as it is valid. Back when Snapchat was new and had a bunch of updates that changed a lot for the application and how it worked. Including the feature where tapping a friend's name actually made it possible to see the score. Now the process of displaying the score is a little longer just if you haven't made a story.