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Those who vacation in hotels in the Peloponnese can look forward to an extensive cultural discovery tour: Ancient excavation sites such as the famous Olympia competition site or the Byzantine Mystra, ancient Greek fortresses, temples, secluded monasteries and the mythical city of Sparta. Between fertile orange groves, lush olive trees and rugged mountain landscapes, vacationers will find peace and relaxation in addition to exciting excursions into the untouched nature. There are many beautiful sandy beaches for a relaxing beach holiday, with small taverns and good restaurants offering Greek specialties on their promenades. The hotels in the Peloponnese are luxurious & noble or small & tranquil, right on the beach or in secluded corners within the Greek natural landscape.

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Messenia in the west: fertile nature, luxury hotels & beach holidays

Ideal for bathing vacationers, here are the most beautiful sandy beaches. The Costa Navarino is an exclusive holiday region with luxury resorts and star hotels. Nature lovers will find green, fertile land with many orange groves and olive plantations. The Taygetos Mountains are great for hikers with well-developed routes to the peaks of the two-thousand-meter peaks and picturesque waterfalls in the river valleys. The tourist center of Kalamata with its narrow, winding streets and a pretty old town is ideal for shopping. Culturally worth seeing is the hillside fishing village of Pylos with the fortress of Koroni and the ancient city of Messene with its archaeological excavation sites.

Laconia in the south: cultural highlights & romantic vacations

© Kinsterna Hotel Secluded, well-kept hotels between green hills in small fishing villages can be found on the eastern finger of Laconia. The medieval rock town Monemvassia with small taverns and restaurants in the middle of a fairytale old town is popular for honeymoons. The historical city of Sparta and the Byzantine Mystra with its ancient fortress are considered cultural highlights. The rough, pristine side of the peninsula can be discovered on an excursion to the Marni region with its rugged rocky landscape.

Élis in the northwest: Ancient Olympia & wellness vacation

The absolute sightseeing highlight is the ancient Olympia competition site with its ancient temples, stadiums and museums. From the port town of Kyllini there is one of the longest sandy beaches in Greece with many stylish and upscale hotels in a dune-like landscape. Hot thermal springs run through the fertile land, which wellness holidaymakers can enjoy in the village of Zacharo.

Argolis in the east: swimming, picturesque landscapes & cultural holidays

© Nafplia Palace Hotel & Villas Nafplion is one of the most beautiful port cities in the Peloponnese. In the picturesque old town with many taverns and bars, vacationers can enjoy Greek specialties and watch the hustle and bustle. The most beautiful sandy beaches are around Tolo, a popular seaside resort with good hotels and plenty of space for sunbathing and swimming. In the fertile land, interspersed with orange trees, there are important cultural sights such as the Mycenae archaeological site or the amphitheater in the spa town of Epidauros,

Achaia in the north: tranquility, tradition & beach holidays

In the north you will find peace and tranquility, the region is less touristy than the south. Beautiful beaches, Mediterranean holiday homes, small beach bars & clubs can be found especially in Kalógria with its kilometer-wide sandy beach. The country is agriculturally rich, with a mountainous hinterland, where traditional villages and monasteries can be reached through narrow valleys. The port city of Aegion is recommended for water sports enthusiasts.

Arcadia & Corinthia: Original nature, mountains & active holidays

Arcadia in the center of the island and Corinthia in the east are only sparsely developed for tourism, mainly locals spend their holidays here. But a visit is worthwhile for active vacationers, hikers and explorers: Arcadia is a rugged mountain landscape with quiet nature, narrow streets and undeveloped areas, deep gorges, forests and pastoral meadows. Lots of hidden monasteries to visit. Worth seeing in Corinth are the ancient rock fortress and the Corinth Canal, lined with nice restaurants and an exclusive opportunity for bungee jumping.

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Excursion: From the southern tip of Laconia you can reach the island of Elefanisos, which with its Caribbean-style dream beach Simos Beach and its emerald-colored water is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Culture: Peloponnese is an Eldorado for culture lovers. Here alone 4 of a total of 9 sights in all of Greece have been counted as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Epidaurus in Argolis, the Mycenae archaeological site, the Byzantine Mystras and the Olympia competition site.