Can I get a lawyer for free?

Advice assistance certificate - who is entitled to advice assistance?

Legal texts are often difficult to understand for laypeople. Therefore, advice from a lawyer is essential in many situations. However, this must be paid for its services - costs that Hartz-4 recipients can hardly bear. What is the significance of the advice certificate for the lawyer in this context?

Briefly summarized the most important information about the advisory assistance certificate

Why is there advice support?

The German Basic Law provides that all people are equal before the law. Even economically disadvantaged people must be able to make use of their rights. For this reason there is the advisory aid. This can be useful, for example, in the event of inconsistencies with the job center.

Is the consultation completely free of charge?

Those affected can apply for a counseling certificate from the local court. If you present this to a lawyer, you will receive professional legal advice for a fee of 15 euros.

What are the requirements for a counseling aid certificate?

We answer this question in detail for you here.

What is the purpose of the certificate of eligibility for counseling assistance?

Be it a dispute about an allegedly illegal dismissal or a dispute with the job center: In many situations, people need them competent advice from a lawyer. The for this incurred costs However, Hartz 4 recipients can usually not muster.

The counseling aid certificate provides a remedy. People on a low income can get one if they have a counseling certificate for a lawyer Get free legal advice. The lawyer only requires one Fee of 15 euros. However, some do without it, in which case the counseling is completely free of charge for those affected.

You cannot show the advice slip to just a lawyer. Depending on the area of ​​law in which you need assistance, you can also use the services of Tax advisors, Auditors, sworn accountants, Pension advisors or those organized in chambers Legal counsel in the course of the advisory assistance.

How can you apply for the counseling aid certificate?

In order to receive free advice from a lawyer, you must first apply for the counseling aid certificate. The District court, which is responsible for your place of residence, you need to contact for this purpose.

Part of the application is the advisory support form in which Information about your personal and economic circumstances are to be entered. On the basis of this data, the local court can check whether you meet the requirements for advisory assistance.

Please note: The advisory assistance certificate only authorizes you to seek legal advice. The lawyer can also represent you vis-à-vis third parties, for example by writing a letter to the opposing party. However, if there is one Trial in court, the advisory assistance is not granted. In this case you need the so-called Apply for legal aid.

Do you have to meet certain requirements for the counseling aid certificate?

As already mentioned, the local court will check whether you are entitled to advice. This performance is not granted to every person. Rather, those affected must meet the following requirementswhich, by the way, also apply to legal aid:

  • You cannot bear the costs incurred for advice from a lawyer yourself.
  • The district court must determine during the review that you are not acting willfully. It should be assumed that you would take advantage of the advice even if you had to and could pay for it yourself.
  • Your concern must promise a reasonable chance of success.

Do you have a Legal protection insurance, you could be advised by an authority or you are a member of a tenants' association, a trade union or any other association that could be helpful to you, you will usually receive no counseling aid certificate.

Receive Hartz 4 benefits, the chances are goodthat your application for counseling assistance is granted.

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Advice assistance certificate - who is entitled to advice assistance?
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