Why is Hindi mandatory teaching in Maharashtra

Muktangan High School & Jr. College

Muktangan High School & Jr. College is a school in Pune that was founded in 1978. It is part of the well-known institution Pune Vidyarthi Griha, which was founded in 1909 and has been active in the areas of training and social work ever since. We want to support our students in developing into good and responsible people.

Muktangan High School & Jr. College includes preschool, primary and secondary schools, and 11th and 12th grade college. Each grade level has five groups and each of these groups consists of 65 to 75 students. The school is very well equipped and there are 30 large, bright classrooms, four laboratories, two rooms for the teachers, an office for the school management and a large sports field. The school also has a library with numerous books, magazines and CDs for all subjects.

German classes at the Muktangan School and College.

The language of instruction at the Muktangan English School and College is English, but German has also been taught since 1984. Our compulsory subjects include mathematics, the natural sciences, history, geography and four languages. English, Hindi and Marathi are compulsory, but students can choose between German and Sanskrit. A total of 4,000 pupils visit our school, around 650 of whom are learning German. In addition, 120 students from the college attend German classes.

In addition to the lessons, a number of activities and working groups on the topics of debates, essays, poetry and recitation, speaking techniques, calligraphy, general knowledge and quizzes are offered for our students. There is also the nature and science club. In addition, essay and dictation competitions are organized every year, and at the school assembly the German learners present German songs and small plays.