Do you like bottled water

Swedish drinking water

In all honesty, Swedish tap water tastes great - almost everywhere in Sweden - at least as good as the bottled water you would have to pay for.

If you prefer flavored water, put a slice of your favorite fruit in the glass. Weigh the advantages against the disadvantages: Swedish tap water is clean, tastes good, costs nothing, and is not packaged in PET bottles. Bottled water is expensive, comes in PET bottles and is harmful to the environment.

The result is clear: the advantages of Swedish tap water outweigh the advantages. When you come to Sweden, bring a bottle with you, fill it to the brim and quench your thirst - without paying a dime. And when you hike through the Swedish mountains, you can draw the water directly from the numerous mountain rivers and streams.

Sweden is the land of 100,000 lakes, some of which (such as Väner, Vätter and Mälaren lakes) are very large. With us you never have to walk long to stand on a lake shore.

In summer Sweden's lakes are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, fishing and boating; in winter the lakes to the north freeze over and become popular destinations for ice skaters and ice anglers. The water of Lake Mälaren is so clean (it is almost drinking water quality) that people in the heart of Stockholm bathe in it and fish for salmon and other types of fish, which are of course just as edible as the Swedish tap water is drinkable.