What a mistake that means

mistake, the

  • Slipping · Slipping · ↗Launch
  • to misjudge (something) wrong · chen to be mistaken · ↗ to misjudge (oneself) · to be in error ● ↗ to be mistaken main form · to see (something) wrong inf. · have cut (oneself) inf., fig. · ↗ to make a mistake inf. · To be on the wrong track inf., Fig. · ↗ to be on the wrong boat coll., Fig. · ↗danebeniegen inf. · Succumb to an error go · succumb to an error go. · Be wrong inf. · ↗missing (assuming) go.
  • ↗ Derailment Faux pas ↗ Tastelessness Irresponsibility ↗ Disrespect ↗Breaking a tab · ↗Tactlessness · ↗Non-belonging
  • ) clichéd, variablenot to be (that) biblical, regionalnot applicable main form which would clearly refute (that) clichéd · (a) error from the office coll. · (a) typical case of think in coll., sloppy, variable · (Simply) not agree inf. · (So) not agree inf. · There can be no talk of inf. · there can be no talk of inf. · so that is (but) not inf.
  • are based on an error (d) incorrectly incorrectly erroneously erroneously mistakenly thought to be (...) · mistakenly ● ↗ supposedly main form
  • expressing yourself incorrectly ung expressing yourself inappropriately · promising (yourself) missing the wrong word when choosing words wählen choosing the wrong word
  • to say (something) that you actually didn't want to say · ↗ slip out (someone) · ↗ gossip (yourself) · prechen promise (yourself)