Where can I find a girlfriend

How do I get a girlfriend: Goodbye single life

Have you been alone for a long time and finally want to fall in love again? Or are you looking for a nice girl to get your first experience with the opposite sex? At some point, most of us realize: life is simply better together! Because a relationship is not only fun, you can also help each other in difficult situations. Many men therefore ask themselves the agonizing question: How do I get a girlfriend? In this article we will give you helpful tips so that you can find your dream woman.

The most important tip: Get out of your snail shell!

Before we go into detail and give you help, you should briefly ask yourself why you don't have a girlfriend at the moment. Find out where you are blocking yourself! Because finding the right woman is not rocket science, but often just a matter of the mind. For many lords of creation, the project fails because they hardly leave their cozy cave. They avoid flirting and meeting women outside, let alone engaging in active dating. Do you sit in front of the TV all day or play on the PC and wait longingly for a hot burglar to seek refuge under your duvet in the middle of the night? Here we have to disappoint you bitterly, because you can wait for such a "stroke of luck" until the last day. To get a girlfriend, you have to be active and socialize. If you have curled up at home up to now, activities are now on the program - this can be sports clubs, parties in the club or simply shopping in the mall. Do whatever you like, but get out there!

But there can also be other reasons why you are single and a relationship was long ago. Perhaps you are afraid to speak to women or your platonic friends always see you as a nice friend. The famous sentence on a date "I just want friendship" is a hard slap in the face for many men, which makes them even more insecure and makes them doubt themselves more and more. So: Become aware of your weaknesses and work on them. It would be a shame if women miss a great guy like you, wouldn't it?

Here are a few more tips on how you can finally find a girlfriend.

Always surround yourself with women

Do you always go to parties where there are only three girls and two of them are taken? Then you shouldn't be surprised if you end up without a girlfriend forever. After all, you have to address a lot of women in order to meet the right one at some point. If you flirt with a lot of ladies and dating is a regular part of your agenda, you will quickly notice: In percentage terms, it is only a small percentage of women who will appeal to you. Therefore speak to as many girls as possible, at some point your dream woman will be among them.

It's not just parties that are great opportunities to get a girlfriend. Help is also offered by the Circle of Friends, through which many exciting encounters with women come about. Perhaps you have a good friend who will soon by chance introduce you to his sweet acquaintance in the outdoor pool or in the pub in the evening? The larger your circle of friends and acquaintances, the higher the chance of getting to know new people and finding a girlfriend. So make as many friends as you can, it's worth it!

Also dare to do something unusual, like a little flirt in a café. Or on the bus or in the supermarket. In principle, you don't even have to look specifically for your next girlfriend, there are wonderful and pretty women out there on every corner that you can address. It's only up to you to flirt with them and make something of them.

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Develop yourself and become irresistible for women

Work on your lifestyle, your body and, above all, learn to flirt in order to get a girlfriend. In addition, you should consider what your mission in life is. Do you want to be the first person on Mars, give street dogs a new home or start your own successful company? Women love men who have goals that they consistently pursue and who are constantly developing. Whether you're trying out a new sport or going to Australia for a year: Active men who get their butts off the sofa are damn attractive to women. So be the artist of your own life and take the woman into your exciting new world. You won't believe it, but very often women get bored and just wait for an adventurer to take them on an emotional journey. Be that friend and get them carried away!

Be everybody's darling with women

If you are looking for a girlfriend and you want to become more popular with people in general, you should be kind and nice to everyone. Whether at work, in a club or with your friends, if you are someone you like to spend time with, women will notice that too. Who knows, maybe they will even promote you to the next lady, for example like this:

Stefanie: Tell me, do you know Markus?

Katharina: Yes, he's a really crazy guy, I have to introduce him to you. You will love him ...

Women are attracted to men who are desired by many other women. Because a heavily courted man arouses the ambition in the ladies to win this incredible guy for themselves. After all, she wants to be the chosen one who managed to get you around. The next time you're out with a woman, just pay attention to the people around you. Especially how the other women look at you. And maybe you will then no longer ask yourself: How do I get a girlfriend?

Afraid to speak to her - the old song

Do you find the waitress pretty sexy and already imagine that she would be your girlfriend? You may be in her restaurant at least twice a week and still not have the guts to ask her for her cell phone number. Well, unfortunately nobody will be able to do this step for you. Take courage, young warrior! You will not hear more than a "no" from her. But what do you think happens when she smiles and says "yes"? Maybe she will be your new girlfriend? Nobody knows what is happening, so dare your luck and overcome your fear of contact. If you want to get a girlfriend, you have to jump over his shadow and risk something. And maybe she is secretly hoping to see you again soon ...

Register with dating sites or look for a friend on Facebook

Many men get to know their future girlfriend on the Internet. So why not you too? The virtual world is an excellent opportunity, especially if you are still afraid to speak to strange women in everyday life. For example, look at your friends' contact lists on Facebook. Perhaps you will discover a cute girl here? You can also register and write to women on normal online dating sites. If you get along well, nothing should stand in the way of a nice date in the café or by the lake.

Have patience and enjoy the single life - even without a girlfriend

Our experience shows that it often takes a long time to find a friend who is the right one for a relationship. That's why you shouldn't bury your head in the sand or look convulsively, but simply enjoy your single existence. Women in particular have a keen nose for when men are desperately looking and are quickly put off by so much need.

Also, keep in mind that being without a girlfriend has its advantages. So you can do what you want without women telling you when to come home in the evening or how to spend your weekend.

So enjoy your freedom! If you take our tips from this article to heart, everything will come in good time - including your next girlfriend.

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