Saitama could kill Korosensei

Assassination Classroom / Korosensei - Quest!

A classic !

I think everyone has heard or seen the manga with the yellow octopus.

If not, it's not that bad either.

The manga has 21 tapes and the accompanying anime has two full seasons that are already in German.
The manga was drawn by Yusei Matsui.

My favorites of the manga were:
Karma and Asano.

To the story:
The 9E of the Kungigauka has a problem! The E stands for the end! As the end class, they stand for how not to do it.
But not only that 80% of the moon has exploded, the students also get the culprit of the explosion as a class teacher!
Koro - Sensei is a yellow octopus-like creature that moves at Mach 20! The class is given an assignment to kill their new teacher by the end of the year! This is how the Assassination Classroom is created!
But how are they supposed to kill Korosensei?
What do the students think? And what will happen in this one year?
More in Assassination Classroom!

The manga / anime belongs rather to the funny variety 😊 that's why it's not too brutal (actually hardly)

What I can recommend is Koroseinsei - Quest!

The addition of Manga to Assassination Classroom!

The manga already has 2nd volumes in German and will be continued! The original story comes from Yusei Matsui, the story comes from Kizuku Watanabe and was drawn by Jo Aoto!

To the story:
The 9E of the best magician school has a problem! Anything they try in terms of magic or to become a hero goes wrong!
It is quickly cleared up that everyone in the class has a buck! And who else has a buck?
The new demon king, exactly! With his buck he has reached the speed of Mach 20 and only other bucks can trump his buck!
That is why he will also be the new class teacher of the 9E so that the students can learn from him and kill him.
The Korosensei Quest has opened!
More in Korosensei Quest!

It's more of a piss from Assassination Classroom, so the manga is very over the top in terms of humor. But it's fine anyway .

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