What are quantum energies

Quantum energies for humans and animals

Healing through quantum energy, working with transformative energies, quantum energy transformation - many terms that somehow have to do with quantum energies ... Now what are quanta? The term stands for a certain amount or a certain number (Latin: quantum, how much, how big). Everything we can perceive by seeing, hearing, touching, etc. is made up of atoms and molecules. These are made up of elementary particles, namely protons, neutrons and electrons. These in turn exchange photons (light quanta) and neutrinos. All such elementary particles are generally referred to as quanta (particles) in physics.

Physicists have discovered that photons are primarily emitted and received by electrons. They are present in all atoms and molecules in the human and animal body. Certain conditions of quanta are responsible for processes like the formation of emotions and thoughts and different states of consciousness in the bodies of humans and animals. In addition, we now know that vitality, quality of life and awareness depend on the quantity and quality of photons in human and animal bodies. Photons in biological organisms are also called biophotons. They move back and forth between the atoms and molecules in human and animal bodies and control the body's metabolic processes in the cells.

The bodies of humans and mammals share many similarities. Both consist of billions of cells, e.g. skin, muscle, bone, blood and nerve cells. These form the organs and the structure of the body, with photons playing a very important role. All these processes work without conscious control by the respective living being.

In a certain way one can say: a person or animal is his body and is what he feels in his body. Both positive and negative feelings are meant: joy, love, happiness, fear, anger, anger and loneliness. The psychosomatic language allows conclusions to be drawn about what is going on biochemically in the body: If someone says “I'm angry”, this corresponds to an excess of acid in the body, which is also reflected as a lack of electrons (quanta). When there is a lack of electrons, it feels dark in people. This is accompanied by a weak photon field, a lack of light. The opposite happens with joy and happiness: The biophoton concentration increases, a joyful, happy person feels bright, shining, radiant inside.

Thoughts can have an enormous power with which people create the environment in which they live. Everything created by humans (buildings, works of art, tools, vehicles, etc.) are products of human thoughts manifested as matter. Thoughts make it possible to explore the world, to collect and organize experiences as well as to reflect and analyze. Modern man often thinks so much that he hardly or no longer perceives what he is actually feeling. Thoughts can crystallize into mental attitudes, views, world views, dogmas, beliefs, knowledge. Ideas as a form of thought can become ideologies that have the potential to manifest themselves.

However, own thoughts and attitudes, behaviors and interpersonal interactions are not always helpful or even harmful - for people or the animal itself or for other people or animals. In some such cases, however, a person does not see himself or herself in a position to get himself or his animal used to undesirable behavior or to dissolve blockages in the soul, mind or body. In the case of long-standing symptoms, in particular, it is not uncommon for people to resign themselves and dismiss the case as chronic and therefore unalterable. While it was previously assumed that the human brain was only malleable in the first few years of child development and that the period for possible rewiring was completed at the age of about seven, recent neuroscientific research shows the neuroplasticity of the brain also in later years. Humans and mammals can therefore form new brain cells even as adults and thus influence the existing network that may have caused problematic behavior. This means that other behavior can become possible.

Research results in the field of quantum energies show that all conceivable possibilities exist in all areas of life as electromagnetic potentials in the quantum field. Thus, everything is possible for people if they allow it in their world of thoughts and feelings. The omnipresent quantum field, which is fed from the inexhaustible source of quantum energies, can contribute to the healing of humans and animals. Through a connection with these quantum energies, humans and animals can be penetrated and charged by this quantum field.

In my work with quantum energies, I make myself available to my clientele - people as well as dogs and horses - as a channel for the healing powers of the quantum field. In this way, emotional, mental and physical blockages in humans and animals can be resolved and greater wellbeing made possible.

By working with quantum energies, real “quantum leaps” can be achieved for the challenges of everyday life.



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