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RCF Sub 8003 As MKII

Powerful sub-bass with defined pressure

The Sub 8003-AS II is a woofer with an extremely high sound pressure level even at the lowest frequencies. The sub-bass with built-in power amplifier is characterized by its fast response. Numerous DSP features such as a delay or adjustable crossover frequencies open up application possibilities in different setup situations. This powerful bass speaker makes a lot of pressure. The birch multiplex housing covered with black textured paint gives the box a robust appearance. The two outputs as well as the Powercon Out open up numerous possibilities to create a powerful sound system from the sub and existing or new tops.

Diverse fields of application

The Sub 8003-AS II creates a lot of pressure with its 18 “sound transducer with 4 inch voice coil and the integrated 2200 watt class D power amplifier with 1100 watt RMS. An automatic compressor / limiter unit prevents the output stage from being overdriven. Two XLR inputs are available on the input side, so that the subwoofer can be used for single applications as well as for a stereo setup. There are also two XLR sockets for the output. Either the looped through input or the input provided with a high-pass filter from the built-in DSP is applied to these, so that the signal can either be passed through to a second bass or to a top. RCF offers numerous DSP setting options: In addition to the gain, there is a delay that compensates for differences in distance of 0.1 to 20 meters. Eight high / low pass combinations enable a precisely defined transmission range. With the four cardioid presets, which come into play especially when using several subwoofers, you can suppress the reverberation of the otherwise spherical radiation behavior of low frequencies and ensure a defined direction.

For standard users and DSP professionals

The RCF Sub 8003-AS II is suitable for organizers and bands who want to achieve powerful sound in just a few steps, as well as for sound reinforcement professionals. With the two large and ideally positioned shell handles, the 45 kg subwoofer can be loaded and transported to the place of use. An optionally available transport cover protects against scratches on tour. The assembly of a top part with a spacer rod is just as quick as the basic settings are made thanks to the tripod flange. In medium-sized and large venues, DSP specialists will make full use of the numerous features in combination with various installation positions of several sub-basses. The woofers can be arranged next to one another or one above the other. On the top of the Sub 8003-AS II there are four recesses for stacking several subs in addition to a flange for holding a spacer rod.

About RCF

In 1949, the Italian manufacturer RCF started producing microphones and expanded its portfolio to include various sound reinforcement products in the 1950s. With the establishment of its own development department for loudspeakers, RCF was able to make a name for itself and became a supplier to numerous well-known loudspeaker manufacturers in the USA and Europe. HiFi speakers have also been part of the range since 1970, and from 1980 they also focus on audio amplification in cars. Since 1990 and to this day, RCF has been one of the major providers in the professional loudspeaker market. RCF is a specialist in the development of subwoofers that deliver high sound pressure levels even at the lowest frequencies and yet have a particularly compact design.

Simple basic setting and sophisticated professional features

Since low frequencies are generally radiated in a non-directional manner, the Sub 8003-AS II can be placed inconspicuously in a corner of the hall. The Power Twist connector prevents the power cord from accidentally slipping out of the socket. From the outputs of the mixer, the signal is wired to a top section via the sub-bass, and the PA is already in place. At large concerts, the use of two or three sub-basses per side with several tops is a good idea. One woofer in each group can be directed towards the rear and receives a cardio preset that matches the subs radiating to the front. And conveniently, all menu changes are retained after switching off.

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