Why is Keyword Filling Bad

Keyword filling in SEO

I have a webshop and some pages use a keyword a little more than the others.

For example: "HP Toner" is pretty much used in the product label, alt tag, brand, etc., and if I have 100 of these products on the "HP PAGE" it means this will be "HP Toner" appear at least 200 times more than any other random word ...

But keyword filling is not intended here. It's just that the amount of product is greater, as is the word it describes.

Is that considered keyword stuffing in SEO terms?


Keyword stuffing is if you can intentionally and unnatural Keywords in your content insert , to manipulate search engine rankings . Of course, if "HP Toner" appears a lot on your pages, that's fine. If you wrap it up everywhere you can, including places where it obviously doesn't belong, then that's keyword stuffing.

That being said, keyword filling is a waste of time these days as the search engines have both got it well and devalued the keyword density at the point where it doesn't make a significant difference anymore.

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