What does feminism mean in 2019

What feminism means to me

What is the cause of the inequality of women and men in society?

Lara: The women are more interested in harmony in the group, they are more social. Men usually want to stand out individually, they are also interested in competition. I also believe that the Church has contributed a lot to how women stand in society today.

Flora: Another reason is the physical inequality between the sexes, men are usually stronger than women.

Laura: I believe that some problems in women's professional life are related to the fact that the structure or the laws do not go far enough. At the moment, for example, the discussion with Papamonat is ongoing. It is still a fact that women spend much more time raising children than men.

Clara: But I also think it's funny that you look at a woman askew when she wants to stay at home with her child longer. Well, the father should be able to stay at home, but in the first few months it is definitely important that the woman doesn't have a guilty conscience about the job when she stays at home with the child. But it should also be able to get back in where it left off.

Lara: My mother is in a managerial position. She is fortunate enough to work for an employer that gives special support to women. But she always says that it is incredibly difficult for women to dare to assume leadership roles at all. She says that her generation dared to do a lot more than ours.

Flora: Our mothers are our role models. They show us a pretty self-determined life. I think we girls really have to be careful that we also manage to become so independent.

Lotte: When women apply for a job, the standard question sometimes asked is whether they want to have children. Although that's actually not a legitimate question in a job interview. Because of this, men are often preferred. When a man becomes a father, it is never a problem for the employer.