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Student jobs: 30 great jobs for students + tips & taxes

For many, student jobs are just as much a part of their studies as lectures. There is hardly any other way of covering the costs of semester fees, rent, groceries, learning materials and other areas. If you can't hope for a lot of financial support from your parents or want to take out a large student loan, you can't avoid student jobs.

Fortunately, in addition to serving as a waiter, there are numerous creative, exciting, lucrative or simply extraordinary sideline activities for students. We answer the most important questions about student jobs: How much can students earn? When are taxes due? Everything you need to know about student jobs - with more than 25 examples of student jobs, we explain which student jobs are particularly exciting and what to look out for ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What types of student jobs are there?

In terms of taxation, students are treated in the same way as other employees, i.e. their work is usually accounted for in tax class 1. Other tax brackets apply to student jobs if the students are already married or have a child.

If several jobs are carried out, the second job runs in the significantly higher tax class 6. For student jobs, students can basically choose from different types of employment, which have different regulations with regard to the social security obligation. Our list shows what you have to pay attention to:

Jobs up to 450 euros per month (mini jobs)

Anyone who regularly does not earn more than 450 euros during the lecture period is considered to be marginally employed. As a rule, he pays neither taxes nor social security contributions such as unemployment, health and long-term care insurance.

All you have to do is pay contributions to the pension insurance - and students can even get exempt from this if they so wish. The 450 euro limit for mini jobs also includes special payments such as vacation pay or Christmas pay.

So be careful: If you come to more than 450 euros per month including these special payments, the status of part-time employment is over. Bafög recipients can earn up to 450 euros gross per month without this having a negative effect on their funding.

Short-term employment up to three months

A slightly different variant of part-time employment is short-term employment. Student jobs that last a maximum of 70 working days or three months per year fall into this category.

Typically, these are vacation jobs in which, to a certain extent, “preparatory work” is carried out for the lecture period. There are also no social security contributions here.

However, the wage tax is deducted from the salary - it can be taxed at a flat rate of 25 percent or the employer takes into account the individual wage tax deduction features: As with every employee, the specific amount of the tax depends on the tax class. As long as students do not exceed the annual income limit of 5,400 euros within twelve months, they remain family insured.

Part-time jobs up to 1,300 euros per month (mid-jobs)

Students who earn between 450 and 1,300 euros a month on the side are generally subject to pension insurance. The amount of the pension contribution to be paid depends on the amount of income. In addition, there is wage or income tax.

For this, mid-job students are exempt from contributions to long-term care and unemployment insurance - but only if the focus is still on studying (20-hour rule, see below). Students with a job income of more than 450 euros can no longer stay in the free family insurance, but are compulsorily insured.


For the sake of completeness, internships are listed. Many students either have to complete a compulsory internship as part of their studies or want to gain practical experience alongside their studies. The crux: Although there is a minimum wage, which also includes a minimum remuneration for internships, this regulation does not apply to compulsory internships.

The length of the internship is also decisive for remuneration: internships of less than three months do not have to be remunerated. It is hardly surprising that the number of shorter-term internships has increased in recent years. Whether you earn money during your internship therefore depends on the type of internship, the duration and your employer.

If you want to finance your living with the money, you should inquire with the company in advance whether the internship will be remunerated and, if so, how much.

Where can I find student jobs?

Looking for a suitable student job? Then there are various paths and options open to you - although different alternatives are recommended, depending on what you are interested in:

Bulletin board

If you value working as a student assistant, it is definitely worth keeping your eyes open in your own institute and maintaining good contact with the professor. Such student jobs are advertised on the bulletin board, but some positions are also awarded directly via vitamin B.

Student union

Another reliable source for student jobs are the Studentenwerke. There are either corresponding notices or a note on the job vacancies on the website.

Job boards

The most extensive selection of student jobs can be found in online job boards. Some specialize in the field of student jobs, others list general information on vacancies, but can be filtered according to the desired position. If you are currently looking for a student job, take a look at our job exchange

To the job exchange

30 student jobs at a glance

When it comes to a student job, many initially think of the waitress. This variant is still very popular, but there are many other student job options that can be used as alternatives. In addition to the financial component, a student job can also be assessed, for example, according to the experience gained or the contacts made.

In our extensive overview, we present more than 30 student jobs from a wide variety of areas - from financially lucrative to useful for your career to unusual and special. Some of these are aimed at students in certain departments, but the large selection includes a suitable student job for everyone:

Attention: Due to the current corona pandemic, not all student jobs are temporarily available as before.

Future-oriented student jobs

Working student
Working student jobs are popular and therefore not easy to get. But if you can manage it, you can not only earn money with the student job alongside your studies, but in the best case also take an important step for your career. You will gain experience with a company in your desired industry and you will already have one foot in the door for a later permanent position.

There are tutors at many universities. As less and less qualified students take on this role, some educational institutions have moved to employ their tutors on a part-time or minor basis. If this option does not exist, you can also participate in the tutoring or as a lecturer in one of the numerous advanced and supplementary courses during the semester break.

Market research
If you see yourself armed with a clipboard in the pedestrian zone, we can reassure you: That's not the point. However, students of psychology, sociology or other social science subjects can apply to market research institutes for project positions or as assistants. The only drawback: Such positions are rarely advertised publicly; networking - for example via alumni forums - is the order of the day.

Students of computer science, computational linguistics or similar subjects can also try their hand at becoming freelance programmers. Job offers are not exactly rare in this area and many companies limit the contracts from the outset. The pay is usually quite good and the first contact with companies - potential employers (?) - is easy to establish.

Exciting student jobs

Party guide
Strolling through the clubs at night, partying and getting paid for it - sounds like a great job offer. The party guide accompanies groups through the nightlife and shows the hippest clubs in town. A good mood and perseverance are the prerequisites, because the shifts start late in the evening and continue into the morning. But you constantly experience something new and work where the others are celebrating. There is an hourly wage of around 15 euros for this student job.

Festival staff
Whether as a set-up and dismantling helper, in the security area or as a seller at one of the numerous stands: work at a large festival is anything but boring. If you then find a job at a festival with your favorite music, nothing stands in the way of your special workplace. Numerous advertised positions can be found on portals such as Payment is between 9.50 and 11 euros per hour, depending on knowledge and skill.

Costume wearer
Regardless of whether it is a creepy monster or a friendly fairy tale character - in amusement parks you come across a wide variety of characters. A certain amount of acting talent is also helpful here, but physical fitness is also a prerequisite. The costumes are sometimes very heavy and the temperatures are enormous in summer. Costume wearers on behalf of agencies are out and about around Christmas time as Santa Claus or angels for company parties and private households. The payment varies widely: from a minimum wage to several hundred euros for a few hours.

Are you sporty, are good at dealing with people, like to be in the spotlight and want to go abroad? Then a few weeks as an entertainer in a holiday complex could be ideal for you. However, it should also be said that you should also take into account 10 to 14-hour days, constant smiles, an outrageously good mood and both interesting and annoying people. Your advantage: Afterwards, you can neither disturb lecturers nor customers.

Tourist guide
If you already have a penchant for historical data and are very familiar with your place of residence or another city or region, a job as a tourist or city guide is also conceivable. Such places are of course preferred in regions that are developed for tourism. In this way you can increase your local reputation - local residents are often present on guided tours - and at the same time make numerous new contacts.

House sitter
Feeling like a member of the top ten thousand for once? That works with a job as a house sitter or house keeper. As such, you ensure that luxury home owners can go on vacation with peace of mind as you take care of the house, garden and pets. Many combine this job with work and travel and thus save on expensive accommodation abroad. Before you can find what you are looking for on platforms like Trusted Housesitters, however, you have to pay an annual fee of between 30 and 95 dollars.

Online student jobs

Play tester
The computer game industry has been growing for years. However, in order for customers to be satisfied with the product, a whole series of tests must first be passed. Game testers are there to try out new games, find bugs and document them so that they can be fixed before the game is released. Anyone who likes to play on the computer in their spare time is sure to be happy in this sideline. Up to 15 euros can be earned, depending on the client, an hourly wage and / or additional bugs are paid.

Freelance editor
Are you able to write and are you very familiar with a certain subject area? Then you can try your luck as a freelance editor. Some magazines look forward to active support in the summer months, while others tend to suffer from the summer slump. Blogs could also be worth a look; freelance authors are welcome for some professional offers. The growing reputation is a pleasant side effect here.

Call center agent
Students who speak at least one other language in addition to German are often used here. You can score points with English, and other languages ​​such as Bulgarian, Spanish or Arabic are even better. If you are communicative, this job as a call center agent will teach you a lot about conversational skills and dealing with people. The call center industry is usually very flexible in terms of time management and can sometimes be done from home - ideal for a student job.

Classic student jobs

Students have already graduated from high school and can use the knowledge they have acquired to offer tutoring. If you were particularly good at one subject, you can now help others, explain topics and earn money in the process as a student.

As a promoter or fundraiser, you need a high tolerance for frustration and communication skills. They should usually win new donors for NGOs. To do this, you usually have to address passers-by directly in the pedestrian zone and convince them of your cause. The exact earnings in this student job depend on your success rate: an hourly wage of 15 euros is possible.

The possibilities in this student job are varied: You can work as a courier for restaurants and delivery services, but you can also take on other trips and deliveries. Sometimes you need a driver's license, other couriers deliver by bike. In addition to the payment, there is often a tip that increases your earnings.

Holiday care
Work as a carer and helper as part of the numerous summer vacation programs. Two prerequisites should be fulfilled for this: firstly, you should get along with children, and secondly, the financial aspect must not be the main focus. In return, you will get to know numerous parents - potential contacts - and gain important experience that will help you to develop your soft skills - specifically your social skills.

Arrange shelves
In the retail trade, employees are constantly being sought, the shelves filled, goods taken from the warehouse and products sorted. If you are looking for a big challenge, you will probably get bored quickly in this student job, but the work is well suited to improve your financial situation.

Product tester
Manufacturers have products checked in advance and repeatedly tested - not only internally, but also by product testers. You will be sent products that you try out and rate. The earnings per product are rather small here, but if you test enough products, it can be worth it. In addition to products, you can also test websites. The main concern here is ease of use and comprehensibility for the user.

Camp helpers
As a warehouse assistant or loader, you are responsible for loading delivery vans, recording and sorting packages. This student job is physically demanding but usually pays well. Sometimes you work in shifts, so when looking for a suitable student job you should pay attention to the working hours.

Hostesses look after exhibition stands, hold discussions with customers and interested parties and represent the exhibitor. The pay for this student job is usually good, but the job is also quite superficial. Great importance is attached to good looks.

Fancy student jobs

Nude model
This student job is intended for those who are absolutely in tune with themselves and their appearance and feel little shame when they show themselves naked in front of others. Nude models are always sought at art colleges or universities with corresponding departments. To do this, however, you not only have to undress, but also be able to remain motionless in certain poses for minutes or hours. The reward is between 11 and 20 euros.

The term comes from the French and means: to clap. And that is exactly the main task of a claqueur. He is paid to applaud vigorously at public appearances, events or plays, for example. The cheering and enthusiastic clapping of the claqueur also encourages the other spectators to join in the applause. Here you can expect an hourly wage of around 15 to 20 euros.

Even if it sounds macabre: People always die. In this student job, you should be able to set yourself apart internally, because contact with the bereaved is part of the job. In addition, you are responsible for the decoration and carry the coffin - physical strength is required, as each pallbearer has to take on around 35 kilos. Between 20 and 40 euros can be earned per use.

Hot air balloon chaser
A driver's license is required for this job - and perhaps a good sense of direction. The hot air balloon chaser does exactly what his job title tells him to do. Since a hot air balloon never knows exactly where it will land before takeoff, a mobile partner on the ground is necessary. This follows the balloon in the car in order to transport the passengers back to the starting point after landing. Financially, the whole thing is around 10 euros per hour.

If you are a bit extroverted, a student job in television production is a good option. The production company Filmpool, which regularly holds auditions in larger cities, is based in Hürth near Cologne. Mostly for roles in scripted reality formats, so some people have already made the leap into series like DSDS. Depending on the role, you earn a three-digit amount per film day, plus travel and catering, for larger roles with hotel accommodation.

Don't worry, this isn't really about being sick. Rather, your acting talent is in demand. A “professional patient” serves as an exercise for medical students to get to know everyday professional life. For example, exercise conversations between prospective doctor and patient are simulated, during which a possible treatment and its risks are discussed. Your acting skills are rewarded with an average of 16 to 21 euros.

TV viewers
Yes, you can get paid for that too. Have you never wondered where all the funny TV clips that are shown to you on various programs come from? There are professional viewers who work in shifts and search the channels for funny scenes or glitches.

Test customer
Companies are interested in how their employees treat customers. So-called test customers are regularly sent out to assess the service, cleanliness or quality. The most important requirement for this job is an objective assessment. Payment is made here per order, between 10 and 15 euros are possible.

In psychiatry, subjects are often sought for psychological studies. With the help of questionnaires, medical examinations and tests, you will contribute to this student job to further expand basic research in psychiatry. Medical studies on the introduction of new drugs are sometimes very lucrative financially. However, you should be careful with high compensation: Companies are already trying to protect themselves here. Think carefully about whether you want to take the health risk.

Student job checklist, tips, and templates

So that you know how to apply for a student job and what to look for, you can find more information through the following links:

Tax specifics for student jobs

As much as possible net should be left from a student job. Whether taxes are due for a student job depends primarily on the level of earnings. The classic mini job with a salary of a maximum of 450 euros per month is therefore particularly popular with students. There are no taxes or social security contributions and the exact amount that you have earned with your work ends up in the account.

However, there are some special features that you should consider when working as a student:

20 hour rule

During the lecture period, the so-called 20-hour rule applies to students: They may not work more than these 20 hours per week, as otherwise they will no longer be treated as a student in the social security system, but as an employee However, if this rule does not apply, you can invest more hours per week in your student job during this time.

Another exception to the 20-hour rule can exist if the student job is mainly carried out outside of the lecture period - i.e. in the evening or at night. It is always crucial that the focus continues to be on studying, not on the student job. Such a student job is limited in time to 26 weeks or 182 days within 12 months.

Annual basic allowance

Income tax must be paid if more than 9,408 euros (as of 2020) have been earned in the current year. Everything you earn in a student job up to this basic tax-free allowance is tax-exempt.

Anyone who works during the semester break or as a student trainee can fully reclaim the income tax with a tax return. In the case of a mini job, the following applies: The employer can pay wage tax at a flat rate of 20 percent of wages, as well as a flat rate for pension and health insurance.

Accordingly, there is always 450 euros at the end of the month for the student employee. To learn more about how to save taxes, check out our article on Tax Tips for Students

Tips for Choosing Student Jobs

For the majority of students, student jobs should help bridge the time to the "right" job and not be that short of money during their studies. When it comes to choosing a student job, many are therefore not very picky. Nevertheless, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when deciding on a student job:

  • The money is right
    Ideally, you will earn more than just the minimum wage; the higher the earnings, the less work you will have to do to reach the $ 450 per month limit, for example. In this way, you reduce the risk of exceeding the 20-hour rule and, on the other hand, have more time for your studies and at leisure.
  • The timing is flexible
    Flexible working hours are important for students, after all, the lecture times change from semester to semester and the timetable is not the same every day. An employer who does not understand this is of little use. It should also be possible to reduce the number of hours in examination phases and to work more during the semester break.
  • The work is going well
    If your work is fun and you don't have to work out, you have enough energy left over for your studies and your free time. Both are important, because mostly student jobs are only intended for a transition period. Anyone who is already exhausting themselves with it no longer has any motivation for their main job, their studies.
  • The job takes you further
    Not to forget: It's always better if you can write up your resume directly with your student jobs. For example, as a research assistant in your area or if you are planning to work in the PR industry and have already written texts while studying. This increases the chance of not falling victim to the Permission Paradox after graduation because you have already gained work experience in the relevant area.

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