Is reading fun

Our book tips for you

Reading makes you smart and helps against boredom!

Finally a weekend or even vacation. But what do you feel like doing? What do you do with your free time? That's THE question, especially when the holidays are rainy and you can't go out.

Our suggestion: just read a book, what do you think?

Because reading is fun and smart at the same time.

As you read, you will learn new words and phrases all the time. The range of words you use every day is growing. And you can tell more in essays and make fewer or hardly any spelling mistakes in dictations.

Now to the most important thing: the fun. With every book you immerse yourself in foreign countries and worlds. Like a journey of discovery, it is exciting and exciting. Depending on your mood, you can grab a scary story, a romance novel or a fantasy series. There is no place for boredom. When reading, you decide for yourself when, for how long and where you want to escape your everyday life.

Have a look below, we have posted great book tips again.

World Book Day 2021

April 23, 2021 is the worldwide holiday for reading, for books and for authors' rights. Did you know that?


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The little dragon I can't

© CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

A kite-strong, encouraging story for all little I-can't-sayers

An instructive and exciting bedtime story that also boosts self-confidence and playfully supports children in developing the so-called growth mindset (according to Carol Dweck).

Can-I-Not - this is the name of a little dragon that lives with its parents in a cave deep in the forest. Why is he called that? Because whatever he's supposed to do, he claims he can't. Be it tidying up, spitting fire or flying - every time he gets Mom and Dad Drache to take everything from him, but then it happens: During an excursion, the little dragon is separated from his parents. Suddenly he is all alone in the big forest and there is no one left to help him. Will the little dragon find out what's really inside him and learn to transform his “I can't!” Into “I can do it!”?

Timo Firtina (text) and Vivien Stennulat (illustrations) "The little dragon Can-I-not", 54 pages; Paperback, 9.95 euros; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN: 978-1499114843

From 3 years

Lilly and Anton discover Lake Constance

© Divan Verlag

Travel guide for children: For reading aloud, looking at hidden objects or for first-time readers.

Finally vacation! Lilly and Anton travel to Lake Constance with their parents and discover interesting cities, great landscapes and, in the middle, the beautiful lake, one of the largest inland waters in Europe. Mountains and castles invite you to exciting visits, you explore Constance, the Rhine Falls Schaffhausen and the island of Mainau, and of course you go on the two boat tours on the lake. The peculiarities of Lake Constance and its diverse landscape are shown with drawings and photos on large-format, colored double pages. Hidden objects encourage discovery, 'Hits for Kids an Overview' summarizes the most important information in a child-friendly manner. Great (pre-) reading fun for children and exciting entertainment for the whole family.

Olaf Luft; “Lilly and Anton discover Lake Constance”, 24 pages, hardcover, 6.95 euros, dtv, ISBN: 978–3863271114

From 4 to approx. 9 years.

Willi Glühwurm and the electric current

© CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Nonfiction and experiment book for children and fathers (parents)

Willi Glühwurm is a curious and clever little guy. And that's why, unlike the other animals, he has already installed electric light in his house. Of course, word got around very quickly and his friends Thea Tarantel and Friedhelm Frosch now also want electric light. Of course, Willi won't let his two friends down - but unfortunately he can only help one of them! In this exciting and instructive story, illustrated with many colorful drawings, children learn how a circuit is constructed with and without a switch, why water and salt water conduct electricity and which objects are conductors and non-conductors. Five different experiments on these topics and a quiz round off the book, which is therefore ideally suited for early scientific education of children.

Armin Karg “Willi Glühwurm and the Electric Current”, 28 pages, paperback in large print, 6.99 euros, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; ISBN-13: 978-1518899362

From 5 years




Selling Money!

© Atlantis Verlag

Children are introduced to the topic in a very relaxed manner.

Adventures are not expensive. But Alma and Milan cannot do without money either. Because the two of them need a rope ladder for their tree house. Not only do you make the tree house yourself, but also the money to buy a rope. This is not a bad idea at all if you know how to negotiate and act. Alma and Milan arrive at their destination and even have money left over. You save that. Because money doesn't go moldy, even if you put it aside for something big - and that's already buzzing around in your mind.

This picture book was created on the initiative of the Pro Juventute Foundation. It deals with the topics of money and consumption, but also values ​​that go far beyond that, and brings these children closer.

Lorenz Pauli and Claudia de Weck (illustrations), “Money for Sale”, 32 pages, paperback, 14.95 euros; Atlantis Verlag, ISBN: 978-3715207278

From age 6.

A week full of Saturdays

© Oetinger Verlag

Charming, cheeky and newly illustrated with lavishly designed scenes by Nina Dulleck: the children's classic by Paul Maar!

Always on Saturdays! As if out of nowhere, a strange creature with red hair, a drum belly and blue dots on his face appears at Mr. Taschenbier's on a Saturday: Sams. It's loud, cheeky, sings songs and rhymes from morning to night. Lots of things that Mr. Taschenbier doesn't really like. And yet the two of them have a lot of fun together for a week.

Paul Maar, newly illustrated by Nina Dulleck, "A week full of Saturdays", 160 pages, hardcover, 12.99 euros, Oetinger Verlag; ISBN: 978-3789108150

Children's book from 7 years, for self-readers from around 3rd grade

Further volumes: On Saturday the Sams came back; New points for the Sams; A Sams for Martin Taschenbier; The Sams in danger; Uncle Alwin and the Sams; Sams in luck; One sams too many; The Sams celebrates Christmas; The Sams and the Blue Kite; The story of Sams, short story for the school book "Reading Magic"

The little mermaid

© Wunderhaus Verlag (Nova MD)

A beautiful storybook for young and old!

The great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen wrote this legendary story by the sea in Denmark. The little mermaid fearlessly dives into the limitless and dangerous ocean of love. Your heart is full of courage, hope and endless longing. She is ready to leave her carefree life of a sea princess behind for a new mysterious world.

Every time again, Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale is so incredibly sad and beautiful at the same time. The brave little mermaid who falls madly in love with a prince from a world that is actually unattainable. Who, full of hope, puts everything on the line, gives her voice and risks her life - just to be close to her love. Who loses everything in the dark and mysterious ocean of feelings. And which in the end saves her soul

Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Anton Lomaev, “The Little Mermaid”, 44 pages, hardcover, 14.98 euros, Wunderhaus Verlag; ISBN: 978-3946693017

Fairy tale picture book from 6 years


© Carl Hanser Verlag

Lively and with a lot of humor, Silke Schlichtmann talks about typical problems of a nine year old. A very fine book!

That Bluma got a five in math isn't the worst. It is much more difficult that her best friend wants exactly the dog that Bluma wants so much. And the fact that mom is going away right now leaves Bluma almost in despair. Only Bluma's favorite neighbor can help: Alice always has an open ear for the girl. And she has those magical rubber snakes that you just have to chew on to solve a problem. But Alice has no time and Bluma suddenly has no better idea than to steal one of the snakes. If only she had suspected the emotional mess this little theft would throw her into ... An exciting children's book with a clever heroine. ...

Silke Schlichtmann, with illustrations by Ulrike Möltgen, "Bluma"; hardcover, 176 pages, 12 euros; Carl Hanser Verlag; ISBN: 978-3446257016

Children's novel from 8 years

Star Wars - spaceships and vehicles

© Dorling Kindersley Verlag

Star Wars ™ spaceships and vehicles: All technical details in outline

The starships and vehicles of the Star Wars (TM) saga have never been seen like this before! With this opulent volume, Star Wars fans can experience breathtaking insights into the technology of Star Wars - from AT-AT to Death Star, from Podrenner to Millennium Falcon.

Over 500 unique, opulent illustrations of spaceships and vehicles show and explain countless technical details. This work contains the most extensive and detailed technical representation of the classic Star Wars universe. The large-format illustrations by Richard Chasemore and Hans Jenssen were created in close collaboration with the Lucasfilm Art Department.

Richard Chasemore and Hans Jenssen (illustrations) “Star Wars - Spaceships and Vehicles”, 208 pages, hardback, 13.99 euros, Dorling Kindersley Verlag, ISBN: 978–3831024810

Star Wars fan book for ages 8+

Darkmouth - The Legend Hunter (Volume 1)

© Verlag Friedrich Oetinger GmbH

Minotaurs, monsters, hellhounds: welcome to Darkmouth!

There are 1000 reasons to come to Darkmouth. And a million to leave it alone. Twelve year old Finn's life is anything but boring. Because he is the son of the last reigning "legend hunter" from Darkmouth. He actually doesn't want to have anything to do with the monsters! But when the dark giant Gantrua plans to open secret portals to the "Infested Side" and unleash the scariest and most dangerous legends on Darkmouth, Finn has no choice. Together with his father and the cheeky Emmie, he faces the great fight.
The first volume in the "Darkmouth" series: a great adventure full of speed, tension and lots of humor.

Shane Hegarty, from the English by Bettina Münch, "Darkmouth - Der Legendenjäger", 368 pages, hardcover, 16.99 euros, Verlag Friedrich Oetinger GmbH, ISBN-13: 978-3789137259
So far published: 4 volumes

From 10 years on.

Peter Pan


© Coppenrath-Verlag

Fairytale classic of children's and youth literature

All children grow up one day - except for Peter Pan! When he was still little, he ran away from home to Neverland and decided to stay a boy forever ... Travel to Neverland with Peter Pan - like never before: Ten elaborately crafted interactive extras such as turntables, newspaper clippings or maps to fold out and the independent, modern design make this magnificent, bibliophile edition of James M. Barrie's classic a visual and haptic experience.

The nice thing about this book: Barrie gives his characters a soothing layering. Even the sinister pirate captain Hook gets his soft side. And Barrie succeeds in sugarcoating the deep seriousness on which the story is based with a fine sense of humor. This is almost even greater than the unbelievably fantastic adventures that Peter Pan and his gang have in Neverland with pirates and Indians.

J. M. Barrie, illustrated by MinaLima, translated by Bernd Wilms: "Peter Pan", 256 pages, hardcover, 32 euros, Coppenrath-Verlag; ISBN: 978-3649623069

Book for young people from 12 years

My life full of fairy dust and confetti (that would be nice!)

© Arena

The irresistible chaos of normal girls: funny, charming and cheeky told

Leni's plan at the new school: Just do it. Not. Attract attention. After all, her older sister Fiona is the undisputed star there and Leni doesn't want to embarrass her under any circumstances. Easier said than done when you have a big mouth: first Leni is elected class representative, then she has to redeem a daring bet in front of the entire school. A life full of fairy dust and confetti? It would be nice! Instead, sister squabbles without end. In order to reconcile with Fiona, Leni decides to couple her with her crush. But Leni's chaos magnet just won't let up ...

Emma Flint "Mein Leben vorller fairy dust and confetti (that would be nice!), 256 pages, hardcover, 13 euros; Arena, ISBN 978-3401604909

From 10 to 12 years

Galactic Gamers - The Quantum Crystal

© Loewe Verlag GmbH

Ready to play!
Only the best gamers in the universe take part in the Galactic Games - not on the computer, but in reality!

An alien shows up in the bedroom at night? It is very clear to Felix that this must be a nightmare! But the alien wants to pick him up at the Galactic Games. As the best gamer on earth, Felix should complete his team. He embarks on the crazy adventure, but the Galactic Games are very different from the video games Felix knows - and it's a matter of life and death.

In Galactic Games, Karl Olsberg skilfully links the topic of computer games with the normal problems of teenagers such as acceptance and bullying. A children's book that not only entertains boys aged 10 and over, but also encourages them not only to play the hero behind the screen.

Karl Olsberg "Galactic Gamers - The Quantum Crystal"; hardcover, 9.95 euros; Loewe Verlag GmbH, ISBN 978-3743205826

From 10 years on