Which NGO works for the malnourished children

Children's Fund - UNICEF

Goals of UNICEF

The UNICEF Strategy 2018–2021 aims to achieve concrete results that will benefit the most disadvantaged children in particular. The aim is to break the vicious circle of inequality. The strategy is based on the following five objectives:

  • Every child survives and can develop

This includes promoting early childhood development, improving the nutritional status of children, and strengthening the health of mothers and newborns. But the health of young people via vaccinations, HIV / AIDS prevention or the promotion of a balanced diet are also central.

Learning processes in small children and the development of skills in young people are to be generally promoted and access to education for girls and boys who are not in school is to be ensured. This is especially true in humanitarian crisis situations.

  • Every child is protected from violence and exploitation

Violence and harmful practices against girls and boys and serious violations of children in humanitarian crises must be prevented and nationwide birth registration must be introduced.

  • Every child lives in a safe and clean environment

Access to drinking water and basic sanitary facilities must be guaranteed for every child. In addition, the protection of children against environmental pollution, natural disasters and the consequences of climate change is to be expanded.

  • Every child has an equal chance to be successful in life

This includes gender equality from an early age, comprehensive support for children with disabilities, greater participation of young people in public processes and reducing poverty among children through better social protection.