Destinys Child was a Christian group


SEVEN is a thoroughbred musician - idiosyncratic and incredibly creative in the best sense of the word. The Swiss debut, “Dedicated to ...”, was classified under “international” in 2002 - and in seventeen years of career including ten studio albums, two compilations, four live albums, over 1000 headliner shows and countless collaborations the 'Soultrain' never stopped again.

In the beginning there was his reputation as a gifted live musician. Two years later, "SEVENsoul" hit the Swiss charts and after Destiny's Child in 2002, Lionel Richie insisted on SEVEN as the opener. The third LP "Lovejam" entered the top 10 and sent the man from Aargau to the USA. He was the first European ever to open the Sundance Festival and the country had a profound impact on his album "Home". In the studios of idols like Commissioner Gordon (Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse) and James Poyser (Erykah Badu, The Roots), his attitude towards music was forever changed - he learned from role models and at the same time felt that he couldn't hide behind them needs.

Back in Europe he performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival and played with Eric Leeds, ex-member of the Prince band, among others. "Home" reported gold and "Like A Rocket" went to # 2 with features by Omar and Beverley Knight, only to go gold after a week. Despite the superlatives, SEVEN put on the sold out “Unplugged” theater tour before the first audio sample for Germany was released with the “Focused” retrospective. At the same time, SEVEN plunged into its anniversary: ​​"The Art Is King" received glowing reviews in 2012 and with over 30,000 tickets sold, it hit the top. "BackFunkLoveSoul", a tribute to his first love Funk & Soul, heralded a series of premieres with chart # 1: The Fantastischen Vier secured Swiss support for the first time, each of the shows ended with an encore and the rap Professionals signed him as the first singer ever for their single.

At a show by the Sons of Mannheim, SEVEN was spontaneously brought onto the stage and Xavier Naidoo invited him on site as the first Swiss musician to take part in the third season of “Sing my song - the exchange concert”. Immediately after it was broadcast in 2016, it conquered the German festival summer with “Best of 2002-2016” and went on its own club tour through Germany and Austria. Over 22,000 spectators celebrated the mix of trust, skill and enthusiasm that characterizes SEVEN's longstanding live band. After the tour with the F4, he was honored with the “Swiss Music Artist Award” in 2017.

In the same year "4COLORS" was released, a concept album with top-class features by Thomas D., the Arts Smyphonic Orchestra London, Kool Savas and Nico Suave, before the "Soulmate Tour" 2019, SEVEN's first concert series without a current album, his reputation as a restless innovator once again honored: he and his band took on the challenge of having a different live guest every evening and delivered with colleagues such as Michael Patrick Kelly, Laith Al-Deen, Flo Mega, Stefanie Heinzmann, Gregor Meyle, Wolfgang Niedecken and Katz got standing ovations everywhere. With “Brandneu”, which will appear in early 2020, SEVEN is releasing its own German-language songs for the first time: Das “Halbum” brings five new songs and four bonus tracks (including two live versions of the “Soulmate Tour”), while at the same time hosting the new series “Sing my song - the Swiss swap concert” can be seen and then went on a “Brand New Tour” with a six-member band.

This tour project was prohibited by Corona and therefore the dates were postponed. With the newly gained time and with a lot of creativity and muse, SEVEN created his latest work - the album "ICH BIN MIR SICHER!" The album title probably implies on the one hand continuing the journey dangerously close to oneself and on the other hand holding onto the German pen. All of the new 17 tracks are in German because the themes that stir up the musician and force them to sing are all in German. The work is probably the most direct pop-soul album that SEVEN has ever created and will be released on September 17, 2021. Previously, in spring 2021, SEVEN will host the second season of the program “Sing my song - the Swiss exchange concert”, what dream rates achieved.