What are Affordable Food Outlet Franchises

The food savers!

On 9/8 it was time. The opening of the first food outlet store called SirPlus in Berlin. A supermarket for rescued, i.e. discarded and expired food.

One of the founders is Raphael Fellmer, whose food sharing platform we already presented in our book (GREEN FRANCHISING / Bellone / Matla / mi-Wirtschaftsbuch 2012).
With SirPlus, Fellmer wants to create awareness for the sustainable handling of food and is relying on franchising to multiply the concept. In an interview with the Berlin magazine Zitty, he has convincing arguments for his idealistic project: “800 million people are starving. With what we throw away, 1.3 billion tons a year worldwide, we could feed 3.2 billion. ”He wants to sensitize society. He has already found strong partners for this, including Metro Berlin, Freche Freunde and the same day delivery specialist Liefery, because SirPlus will also be selling groceries via an online shop from October. The next store should open in Cologne.

The start-up also wants to support other non-profit projects. For example, 20 percent of the leftover food is donated to charitable organizations. On the SirPlus marketplace, for example, a farmer can network with food manufacturers who process his leftover products. We can be curious to see which projects the innovative founder Raphael Fellmer, the environmental engineer Martin Schott and the digital entrepreneur Alexander Piutti are launching. Good luck and success. https://sirplus.de/https://foodsharing.de/https://frechefreunde.de/ Follow the Bellone blog on Twitter