What is pure bundling

Price bundling

The terms "Pure bundling", "Mixed bundling" or "Price bundling" are you still completely strangers? No problem! We'll explain what it's all about.

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Price bundling simply explained

The Price bundling, or in English too "Bundling" called, is a method of pricing in marketing, or more precisely in the Pricing policy. Here a company sells several products at one Package price. Usually the package price is cheaper than the sum of the individual prices.

A distinction is made between pure bundling, i.e. the "Pure bundling" and the mixed bundling, the "Mixed bundling".

Bundling example

Let's take a look at pure and mixed price bundling using examples.

Pure price bundling

Let's take a look at those first pure bundling at. As you can probably already guess, the products are only offered here in a bundle. This is often used when the willingness of customers to pay for the individual prices is very different. The products can then together become an acceptable one Bundle price sold.

  • For example, imagine that you can only buy a printer in combination with certain cartridges as a package and pay a bundle price for both.

Mixed price bundling

Pure bundling would then be ticked. Now that's all that's missing "Mixed bundling", or also called "mixed bundling". Here the products are both bundled as well as individually offered.

  • For example, in the computer industry, hardware and software are sold together or individually.
  • In the automotive industry, special equipment for cars is offered in packages or as an add-on.
  • Another example is the sale of flights and hotels that are advertised separately or as a package tour.
  • Mixed bundling is also used in restaurants. The dishes are available either as a menu or individually.

Advantages of price bundling

Are you wondering what the advantages of offering products in a mixed bundle are?

  • On the one hand, the sales by so-called Cross-selling can be increased. This means that customers who have previously only bought one product now buy different products in a bundle and thus the Sales increased becomes.
  • Also come new customers who have decided to buy the product because of the low bundle price.
  • In addition, the Consumer surplus, So the difference between the customer's willingness to pay and the actual price of the product is better skimmed off, resulting in a Increase in profit leads.

Now you know what the terms “pure bundling” and “mixed bundling” are all about.