How does a program correct the language automatically?

Check spelling and grammar on Mac

During the spell check, misspelled words are underlined in red and suggestions for corrections are displayed.

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu> System Preferences, click Keyboard, then click Text.

    Open the "Text" area

  2. Select "Correct Spelling Automatically".

  3. Enter the text you want in an app.

  4. If misspelled words are detected, do one of the following:

    • Accept suggestions: If there's just one suggestion, just continue entering text and the word in question is corrected automatically. When two or more suggestions appear, select one of the suggested corrections.

    • Ignore suggestions: Press the "esc" key and continue entering text.

    • Undo automatic correction: An automatically corrected word is underlined in blue for a short time. If you want to undo the automatic correction, put the insertion point after the corrected word to show your original spelling; then choose this notation. You can also show your original spelling by holding down the "ctrl" key and clicking on the corrected word; then you can choose the original spelling.

To turn off auto-correcting for a specific app, open the app and choose Edit> Spelling & Grammar> Auto-Correct Spelling (it's disabled if it's unchecked).

If an app's Edit menu doesn't have a spell check or grammar check command, check the settings or menus to see if the app has its own spell check component.

As you type, you can view a list of suggestions by pressing the F5 key (depending on the Mac model you are using, you may also have to press the Fn key). If your Mac has a Touch Bar, you can set an option to show typing suggestions in the Touch Bar.

Note: If you want words at the beginning of sentences and nouns (such as California or Tim) to be automatically capitalized when you type them, select "Automatically capitalize words" in the "Text" area of ​​the "Keyboard" preferences.