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Translation of "entertaining" in English

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I want you to have him entertaining.
You go out there and entertaining them and their brats.
You go out there, and you entertain her and her brats.
As a rococo lady, you know exactly how to treat your party guests entertaining.
As a rococo lady, you know exactly how to entertain your party guests.
"No, you go down and now entertaining our guests."
"No, you go downstairs and entertain our guests. "
And you entertaining a goatherd?
You tell jokes entertaining Cleo's girlfriend, and if someone digs to discover the real me ...
You tell some jokes, entertain Cleo's friend, and if anyone starts digging deep, trying to get to know the real me ...
You entertaining You like to talk to your colleagues.
And you entertaining not you with Amazing Man.
You entertaining keep the good people going, son.
It is rare these days that you spend hours with someone entertaining.
It's rare now that you get to talk to someone for hours on end.
She wants to know if you can continue me entertaining.
I want you to meet other doctors here entertaining.
I want you to talk to some others doctors here.
And you entertaining him with your appearance.
Entertain the with what you do best.
Because you feel so good entertaining.
Because you're having such a nice talk.
Maybe entertaining you tomorrow with Tommy Smalls.
Play with your hair when you are with him entertaining.
Play with your hair when you talk to him.
Or they just sit around bored if you don't keep them up entertaining.
Or they sit around bored when you aren't constantly entertaining them.
I want you to be with him entertaining.
But you don't chase demons, you entertaining prefer you with them.
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