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Defensio: Facebook firewall and anti-spam tool

Functionality: Defensio is a subsidiary of the security company Websense. The tool offers an anti-spam function that can be integrated into your own websites, such as blogs. The highlight of the tool, however, is the monitoring for the social network Facebook. Defensio then protects against links that lead to malicious software and, if desired, also filters out "profanities". These are unwanted words that you don't want to see on your company's Facebook homepage, for example. Defensio gets its data from the same database that Websense uses, for example, for its enterprise solutions.

Defensio is particularly useful for companies to check their own Facebook fan page for user comments. Because unfortunately the administered fan pages in the browser have to be updated every time in order to see user interactions - there is no option of an automatic email from Facebook. Defensio can help here. Under the point Settings / Enable Custom Profanity Filter every letter of the German alphabet has to be entered - Defensio sends an email with every incoming comment.

installation: In order to be able to use the app, you must first log in to the service. If you want to protect your website, you will find suitable plugins and suitable developer plugins in the download section. In order to protect your own Facebook profile, the application must also be granted access to your own profile.

service: Both solutions are controlled via the Defensio homepage. To configure the protection of the Facebook profile, select Defensio via the application settings in the Account menu. To control other websites and content management systems, log in directly to Defensio with the respective user name.

Conclusion: The software is not only easy to install, it is also easy to configure and works in the background without much fuss. Defensio makes sense above all for administrators of Facebook fan pages, as these are more and more targeted by cyber criminals. The tool also cuts a fine figure as an anti-spam plug-in; it can certainly compete with standard tools such as Akismet. (mje / mst)




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