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Montblanc: This 900 euro fountain pen makes you happier than any iPhone

The Patek Philippe watch advertising has captured it: You don't wear one of these sinfully expensive, beautiful pieces for yourself, but keep it for the next generation. It's great when a father or grandfather leaves a watch or a great fountain pen. But what if the watch is just an old, scratched Timex and the pen is a blue, worn Pennäler-Pelikano? Then you shouldn't be too angry with your ancestors - and just establish your own tradition.

With the watch, it's still quite simple: You set up a monthly salary and buy a fine Swiss-made example. It works with almost every monthly salary - the watch industry is still that flexible there. But such a writing instrument? When you only email and whatsapp anyway? And for writing you can also use the ballpoint pen that was recently in the mailbox as a party vote-catcher. Does it have to be a Montblanc Heritage 1912 for 880 euros? Of course, there are also cheaper devices. Even good fountain pens are available for a fraction of the Montblanc price. There are even some from Montblanc that cost half the Heritage.

But the writing experience is what counts. The Heritage is based on one of the first Montblanc fountain pens from 1912. More than 100 years ago, it was a world first to finally have a fountain pen that no longer had to be dipped into the inkwell. Visually, the Heritage looks similar to the first model: Black body and a black cap with a white tip.