How will DBS end

German Disabled Sports Association - National Paralympic Committee Germany

After the end of World War II, the Association of German Disabled Sports (ADV) was founded in 1951 as the central representative of disabled athletes at the federal level. The disabled athletes were mostly men who had suffered permanent physical damage in the two previous world wars and still wanted to do sports.

The main tasks of this organization, which formed the basis for the future organizational structure in disabled and later disabled sports, were, among other things, the promotion of broad-based work, the training of disabled sports teachers, the maintenance of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcompetition and the development of national guidelines for disabled sports.

By 1956, the corresponding regional associations and groups were also founded. In 1952, the ADV issued a statute and was included in the Bonn register of associations as a registered association. Due to steadily growing responsibility and more and more tasks, the ADV was finally renamed the German Disabled Sports Association (DVS) in 1957 and transferred to the status of a regular federal association. In 1972 it was accepted as a federal association in the German Sports Confederation (DSB).

The self-image of the DVS as a sports association for war invalids changed over time and there were more and more people with disabilities who were not war-related and who wanted to do sports at the same time. As a result, it was decided to rename the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) e.V. at an extraordinary association day in 1975. In the former GDR, building disabled sports structures was much more difficult, which was partly due to the fact that there was a very restrictive war victims policy and no corresponding organizations. There were only a few sports groups for people with physical or visual impairments. It was not until 1953 that the disabled sports section was formed within the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport (StaKo) with its own presidium and was thus officially recognized as a specialist sports organization. Within the section, the three equal specialist pillars were formed for the deaf, the physically handicapped and the blind. After the establishment of the German Gymnastics and Sports Association (DTSB) in 1957, the sports sections were gradually transformed into sports associations. As a result, the German Association for Disabled Sports (DVfV) was founded in 1959, which in the following years was responsible for sports for people with disabilities and faced a variety of challenges. In the course of reunification in 1990, regional associations were founded based on the western model and discussions were held between the DBS and the DVfV. Among other things, it was agreed to include the five new regional associations in the DBS. It was also decided to dissolve the DVfV on December 21, 1990.

From then on, the DBS was the responsible professional association for sports for people with disabilities for the whole of Germany.