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Learning by testing

Brief description: Students design their own multiple choice tasks


Use in HeiCuMed Block I, internal medicine



As part of the “Learning by Examining” project, multiple-choice tasks are not only used to record performance, but are also used as a didactic means to promote self-study, in that the students create MC questions in small groups based on the respective subject matter.

Every semester, internal medicine students are offered the opportunity to develop MC questions on the course content, which, in their opinion, should capture the relevant learning aspects. It is encouraged to do this in a cooperative style in small groups. As an additional incentive, it is announced that some of the questions submitted will be included in the regular, faculty-internal exams (10% of the questions in the final exam).



Curricular integration:

  • intensive follow-up of the regular teaching units (through targeted MC questions)
  • Working out the questions in the existing POL groups, promoting learning in small groups
  • Preparation for the faculty-internal final examination
  • Self-study (when creating questions) of the subject matter
  • Feedback to lecturers about the quality of the teaching (based on the questions created)
  • Use of the questions for teaching and learning purposes in the following semesters
  • Participation in the project is optional for students


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Contact Person:

Dipl.-Psych. Jochen Schönemann

OÄ Dr. med. Jana Jünger