Why should you move to Andorra

Resident in Andorra

Tax domicile and residence in Andorra

Do you mention a residence and tax domicile together with your company formation in Andorra? Or maybe you are interested in one of the many advantages of passive residence (passive residence) in Andorra? Whatever the background of your residence in Andorra, you will find support with the local authorities, residence permit and change of residence in good use. Andorra has different types of residence permit (residence) depending on your living situation. If you are setting up a company in Andorra, an active residence, i.e. a residence permit with the right to run your company or to “work” for your company, might be the right residence permit for you. However, there are different requirements and types that should be examined very carefully with a specialist.

If you want to settle in Andorra without running an active company, but only as part of your life and wealth planning, then passive residence could be the right choice.

We offer advice and support for the following administrative procedures:
- Analysis of your current life situation and wealth planning
- Application for a residence permit (active or passive) with the local authorities
- Assistance with all change of residence and relocation formalities (authorities, relocation, school, vehicles, bank, etc.)

Why consider residing in Andorra?

Andorra has a lot to offer besides low taxes. While many looking for low-tax areas in Europe consider Andorra for its low income taxes, most ultimately choose because of the quality of life.

  • 0-10% income tax
  • 2 - 10% corporation tax, no wealth tax
  • No inheritance / gift tax
  • Together with Iceland and Liechtenstein one of the safest countries in Europe
  • The health system is one of the best in southern Europe
  • 2 hours from Barcelona (Spain) or Toulouse (France)
  • Cost of living in accordance with Spain, much lower than the UK, France or Germany

How do you get residency in Andorra?

The different types of residence and their requirements have changed frequently in recent years, so you should definitely consult a specialist. Depending on your activity in Andorra as an entrepreneur or as a "non-active resident" who manages his assets but is not actively involved in a local company, we can offer you the right solution.

Tax residence in Andorra has unique advantages such as an income tax of a maximum of 10%, but also a very high standard of living at relatively inexpensive conditions. A comparison with Monaco or Switzerland is a good idea here, where the cost of living is at least 200% higher, and real estate in Andorra can even be three times cheaper. It goes without saying that Andorra is also a decision of personal priorities. The overall environment with an excellent school and health system, the virtually non-existent crime rate and above all the geographical location with a beautiful mountain landscape and proximity to metropolises such as Barcelona and Toulouse certainly make Andorra a personal favorite.

More information about residence in Andorra: click here

Residence Andorra

We advise you on the advantages of living in Andorra, analyze your personal life situation and assist you with the application for a residence permit.

Real estate / apartment search

Whether you are looking for an apartment or buying real estate, Andorra Solutions will recommend appropriate brokers or accompany you through these steps or other relocation formalities.

Settling in your family

We support you in finding the right school for your children, at the residents' registration office and other formalities after your move.

Language courses

Would you like to fully integrate yourself into Andorra and become completely linguistically independent? If required, we can arrange language courses for foreigners who would like to learn Spanish or Catalan.

Account opening / asset management

You will need a letter of recommendation and a contact with one of the 6 Andorran banks in Andorra. We would be happy to introduce you to one of these banks. Furthermore, you will need an advisor or possibly even an asset manager who can provide tax and financial support to you with regard to your new life situation.

Further care

Renewing your residence permit, having your driver's license rewritten, importing your car and many other administrative procedures will come up to you from time to time. If necessary, we will be happy to support you in all of these processes.

Frequently asked questions about the residence in Andorra

Can I register a residence in Andorra without living there?

No, you need to spend at least 90 days in Andorra if you are considering passive residence. For other residence permits, a permanent stay of approximately 183 days is recommended, excluding business trips and vacations. You must have permanent residence at all times, either rented or owned.

Can I live between multiple countries or travel most of the year?

In theory, you can reside in more than one country and have legal residence status in all countries. Note, however, that tax residence is usually only granted in a country where all of your worldwide income should be reported.

How much does it cost to live in Andorra?

Andorra requires a refundable deposit of EUR 15,000 for active residents who are partners / shareholders of an Andorran company and entrepreneurs. A deposit of EUR 50,000 is required for passive residents. Other types of residence such as a normal work permit as an employee or family reunification with an active resident do not require a deposit. The fees charged by Andorra Solutions range between EUR 500 and EUR 2500, depending on the type of residence.

How long does it take to get a residence with residence in Andorra?

The length of the process for the residence permit depends on the type of residence permit. It can take 1 to 4 weeks. As a rule, active residences can apply more quickly once the company or trading activity has been established / registered.

Tax residence in Andorra is passive or active residence?

Tax residence or domicile does not depend on the type of residence permit, but on many aspects of your personal life and economic income. Please read about the definition of a tax residence and let us advise you.

Can I reunite my family after moving to Andorra?

Yes, you can usually reunite your first degree family right away if you are Spanish, French or Portuguese. If you are of another nationality, you may have to choose an alternative place of residence or wait a year to get together with your spouse or children.