Can I create a website on a subdomain?

Website extension: subdomain, directory or new domain?

If your previous domain has a specifically factual or topic-related name and your new content thematically goes beyond this, is a Domain change is the easiest solution - provided you don't want to keep the old website as a stand-alone offer. In the case of the film star blog, for example, it would be necessary to register a new domain if the blog address refers to the name of the actress, but from now on reports are not only about her but also about other actors. Then the blog needs a new web address with a title that corresponds to the topic. You can find out how to change a domain in this guide.

If the new content is very different from the previous content on your website, but you want to keep this website as an independent online offer, you should consider a completely new online platform for the fresh content. Of course, you will also need a new domain in this case.

Both with a further domain and with the hosting of another website are - unlike when setting up a subdomain or a directory - additional costs connected. One of the biggest drawbacks to implementing a new website is obvious: you have to start from scratch conceive, set up and subsequently testing. In addition, after the site goes live, you have another web presence that someone is looking for administration must take care of.

But a new website also offers some opportunities - for example with Building a brand. If you would like to market the new content independently, without reference to your previous website, an independent website is mandatory (however, this can generally also be achieved with a domain change).

You can also benefit from a new website if your old website is under a image damage suffers (regardless of whether it is third-party or self-inflicted). Provided you know why, you can customize your new site accordingly. In this way you can optimize the new site so that it is both perceived positively by users and rated well by the search engines. In the next section we will deal with the SEO aspect of building a new website as well as new subdomains and subdirectories.