What if there weren't any newspapers?

'What if there was only one opinion?'

The members of the VÖZ celebrate International Press Freedom Day, which has been celebrated annually on May 3rd since 1994, with a common title page design and headline, implemented by JvM / Donau.

"The corona pandemic has once again proven how important diversity of opinion and freedom of the press are. Austria's newspapers and magazines make an essential contribution to our democracy with their independent journalism. Uncovering grievances without restriction as well as critical reporting that is committed to ethical principles are indispensable Services for democratic societies. The fact that freedom of expression and freedom of the press are not seen as a self-evident, inviolable basic right and that it is also repeatedly exposed to threats in Central Europe is shown by the attacks on journalists in so-called corona demos in Germany and Austria, "said VÖZ President Markus Mair.

The headline "What if there was only one opinion?", Which appears on the occasion of the campaign for the International Day of Press Freedom in the member media of the VÖZ, is intended to draw attention to the daily contribution in the interests of readers and the country. "Newspapers and magazines with their professional journalists are independent and incorruptible mediators in the social discourse between politics and citizens. In this sense, every possible effort should be made to ensure freedom of the press as best as possible - similar to the Scandinavian countries - because from the public watchdog must not become a lap dog ", says VÖZ managing director Gerald Grünberger.

"The media of the VÖZ are indispensable", adds JvM managing director Fedja Burmeister. "We need quality journalism, critical reporting, factual certainty and diversity of opinion every day, because these form the basis for our society to be informed and able to discourse. We wanted to draw attention to this in an impressive manner. "The agency has been looking after the VÖZ since 2020 and has since implemented the overall campaign" You are what you read ".
'It's not about concessions'
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