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Author: John Yeadon
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Working Men’s Clubs originated in the industrial areas of England in the 19th century with the aim of providing recreation, relaxation and education for the working class.
In the small town Idle, a suburb of Bradford, West Yorkshire, there is also one that is Idle Working Men’s Clubis called. This is ambiguous, because "idle" also means something like lazy or lazy.
It goes without saying that this ambiguity was used and the club's logo designed accordingly (it shows a worker leaning on a shovel).

What is special about this workers' club, which was founded in 1928, is that, due to the high demand from home and abroad, it has awarded honorary memberships to people who are normally not expected to be found in such a club, e.g. formerly "James Bond" Roger Moore, Mohammed Al Fayed, Paul Gascoigne or Uri Geller, yes even Michael Jackson was an honorary member during his lifetime (he was given membership by Uri Geller for his wedding).

In times when the number of working men's clubs has rapidly declined, the West Yorkshire club has nothing to complain about: it is flourishing and thriving. Here are mood images from the IWMC.

Idle Working Men’s Club
23 high street
West Yorkshire BD10 8NB

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