Schediaphilia is normal

Does schediaphilia / toonophilia belong to the LGBT + community?

Hello dear community! First of all, I don't want to start an argument with this question and I really hope we can stay objective and have a stimulating discussion.

First of all, I'm 28 years old and a lesbian, came out a few years ago and luckily I've only had positive feedback from my (almost exclusively) heterosexual environment so far. It's good to know, to be accepted, and I realize that without the support of the non-LGBT community, such a level of tolerance would not be possible in our society. Of course, not everything is perfect yet and we still have a long way to go before everyone in the world can meet every other person without prejudice, but it is a start. So first of all a big thank you to all the open-hearted, free-thinking and tolerant people out there! :)

However, I have to say, as helpful as the support of heterosexuals may be, there is one thing that really annoys me and I would really be interested to know whether other homosexuals feel the same way or how heterosexuals feel about the situation: Whenever on the Internet ( Chat, forums or here at someone asks the question whether a certain person is gay / lesbian / bisexual / whatever, there is at least one heterosexual who gives an answer like "Yes, he / she is . And, do you have a problem with it now? Are you an intolerant small-minded **. I am straight myself, but voooooll tolerant ", well, something like that. What is this aggressive defensive stance? Why is someone who just asks about another person's sexuality immediately assumed to be intolerant or homophobic? I am homosexual myself and for me it is a simple question that I would like to be asked more often. It would make small talk with new acquaintances a lot easier if the question was "So, do you have a boyfriend?" So when I ask "Do you have a boyfriend?" always around a little. Sometimes I have the impression that these aggressive posters hardly really know homosexuals or bisexuals, but only want to demonstrate how tolerant they are by defending us, although this is often not necessary at all. According to the motto: tolerance is chic! That can't be the point of the matter ...

For me, it is not a form of tolerance to hit someone with a simple question and possibly insult them.

I would really be interested in your opinion on this. I have only spoken of gay and bisexuals above, but of course everyone from the LGBT community is welcome. ;) And as already mentioned several times, of course the straight people among you - regardless of whether you are one of the aggressive posters or not! :)

Please stay nice and matter-of-fact!