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"About us": This is how you create a convincing company portrait (+ checklist)

It doesn't matter if you are with your company as small or larger Companies appear: a Company portrait is absolutely necessary for your appearance. The portrait not only reflects how you run the company and what goals you are pursuing, but it is also an important middleman when it comes to initiating a new business relationship with one Customers goes.

Vary the company portrait depending on the platform

A company portrait is required on different platforms, both online and offline. So you shouldn't just be yours Website, the Blog or add a company portrait to your social media presence, but also yours Customer magazines, brochures and Flyer equip with one. However, it does not apply here that you should create a portrait that is suitable for all platforms, because such a portrait would probably be less meaningful, as it has to exist equally in all channels.

Imagine if you wanted to print the portrait for the customer magazine on the flyer at the same time. Surely you already notice that such an undertaking would be quite difficult in terms of space.

It is better if you vary the company portraits and tailor them to the respective platform.

The company portrait is a snapshot

When writing a company portrait, you should never forget that this is a Snapshot acts. Imagine it like a portrait that a painter makes: if the artist paints a young woman, for example, he depicts her with all her special features in a moment of her life. In a few years, however, this portrait will no longer be up to date and something new is needed.

It is similar with your company portrait: after a while it is no longer up-to-date and for this reason you should edit and renew yours. If fundamental changes are pending in the company or your company is going through significant changes, you should definitely include this.

Create temporal structures in order to revise the portrait

Create fixed time windows in which you can check the company portrait to see if it is up to date. While it's important to keep it up to date, don't overdo your review. Depending on the size of the company and changes, it is sufficient to make an improvement once a year.

However, this number is only a guide and should be tailored to your individual company so that potential new customers and your existing customer base are always informed about new developments in the company.

What information should be included in the company profile?

The information that you should include in your company profile varies from company to company. Basically, it is important to take up essential facts that represent the company and inform the reader. As a rule, the portrait should therefore contain the following points:

  • The year of foundation,
  • the full names of the founders,
  • the job title of the founders,
  • the naming of the managing director (s),
  • the number of employees,
  • the headquarters of the company and the other locations,
  • important milestones of the company,
  • significant collaborations with other companies,
  • important customers of the company,
  • a comprehensible philosophy of the company,
  • any awards and nominations.

Which points make it into the company portrait can be discussed individually. For example, it is worth brainstorming with employees in order to get new ideas. Customers or suppliers may also be able to develop new perspectives that you can use for implementation.

Tips for writing a company portrait

Basically: The company portrait is an external representation of your company. It is important that you do this factual and neutral stay, because it has no advertising character.

Set yourself apart from the competition in the best possible way by getting creative and yours unique selling point find.

Always think of yours target group, your (potential) Customers, and align your text with it. Therefore, a simple and understandable language is suitable, which in the best case does not need any technical terms. Also adjust the tone to your readers and the respective platform. In this way, you can use a more relaxed tone on your social media presence than on your company website. Write the portrait in the presence, because it reads better this way and is always taken to be current.

Finally, you should check the text and make sure you read the past, the presence and the future of the company, for example by including an outlook on future goals in your company portrait. This gives you the best chance of addressing new and existing customers alike and getting them excited about your company.

Jennifer Schneider works as a freelance journalist, copywriter and ghostwriter. Her favorite hobby is writing, which she quickly turned into a career after studying cultural journalism. She gained journalistic experience at RTL aktuell, the K├Âlner Stadt-Anzeiger, the Bonner Express and RTL Extra, among others. At, the Cologne native writes texts of various types and is always happy when she can provide the reader with real added value.