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1MORE is a hi-fi audio company headquartered in San Diego California. The mixture of Danish industrial design, Italian sound design and American brand design promises high-quality headphones at a very good price-performance ratio.

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1more True Wireless ANC

True wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5 and noise canceling

The matching true wireless counterpart to the 1more Dual Driver ANC Pro (for testing) is called "True Wireless ANC". The earphones are delivered in a carrying case, which is not light as a feather but is pleasantly robust and also has a non-slip surface. As usual, this case serves ...

1more Dual Driver ANC Pro

Neckband headphones with Bluetooth 5 and noise canceling

As early as February 2019, we confirmed a good test result for the Dual Driver BT ANC from 1more (for testing). The successor model now relies on technical improvements such as Bluetooth 5 and an appealing matt black look with subtle decorative stripes in red metallic.

1more Piston Fit BT

Cheap and good neckband in-ears

In the past, we were able to test several in-ear headphones from 1more with impressive features and an attractive price-performance ratio. The new Piston Fit BT (E1028BT) should now also score in the price range around 30 euros with Bluetooth 5 and good sound.

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