How are proximity sensors connected?

Connect problems with sensors correctly !!!

Hi the project is to equip a bike with sensors and monitor it in real time, later more stuff will be done with the collected data.
I have these sensors and want to connect them to the Arduino BT V06 and send the data to an Android device via Bluetooth and then display them graphically in the app in the coordinate system.
A JADE agent then sends the data to the main platform of the agents. They then do a lot of things with the data, which I then also program. If what I want to program with the agent falls under artificial intelligence.

Here I have attached the data sheets.

Distance sensor:
Megatron ITV25 I received the data sheet from Megatron on request

The air pressure sensor used, an MLH025BSD14A from Honeywell, also works
a 5 V supply voltage and delivers a linear over its measuring range of 0-25 bar
analog output signal of 0.5-4.5 V. Its current consumption is typically 4 mA [MLH-

The strain gauges:
1000 Ohm strain gauge, namely FAED-12B-100-S6E-M
and FAE2-A6231J-100-S13E from BLH, used [BLH-07]

Air pressure sensor in the hose.
TPMS sensor MPXY8020A [MPX-06]

DB_IVT_IVW odometer on the front fork.pdf (1.86 MB)

Honeywell MLH Series.pdf (126 KB)

MPXY8000.pdf (304 KB)