Why do people think tennis is easy

Bouchard: People think social media is an accurate representation of your day ..

Former world number 5 Eugenie Bouchard has spoken about how social media trolls have affected her and what she posts online.

Former world number 5 Eugenie Bouchard on social media trolls

26-year-old Bouchard has fallen from fifth place in the world to outside the top 300.

While she still has a huge following and remains one of the most-visited characters in tennis on social media, Bouchard says people only comment on what they see, with no background or context.

According to Yahoo Sports Australia, Bouchard says, "I'm really trying not to post swimwear pictures. I really do. I'm doing my best. If you post this it apparently means you don't play tennis or anything.

It has a little impact on how I behave. Maybe I'm just getting more mature and wondering, "Look, I'm not going to post butt pictures every day." Bouchard says social media is not really a representation of people's lives and people don't see the hard work they may put into their tennis when they comment on their pictures.

"I've gone through the whole spectrum of people who love you. When all goes well, people love you. When things go bad, people hate you. I've been through this wave so many times. It just sucks.

People think social media is an accurate representation of your day when it doesn't. I can run for eight hours, then go to dinner and post a selfie and people think I just went to dinner.

People have to realize that it's just what people want to show, that's what's out there. "While some players have chosen not to travel to play events while the tour continues, Bouchard traveled to Prague this week to compete in the WTA Prague Open and won their first round match on Monday, a full 6th : 0-, 6-3 victory Veronika Kudermetova.

Bouchard said she worked hard over the past few months during the lockdown to revive her career - something even supported by Gil Reyes, former coach of Andre Agassi, with whom she also worked.

She also works with Rennae Stubbs in Prague. Eugenie Bouchard will play the winner of the match between Tamara Zidanšek and Kateřina Siniaková in the second round in Prague. (Image via Twitter account by Eugenie Bouchard)