Are you environmentally conscious in your life

10 ways to live a greener life.

8. Recycling and upcycling.

Before you throw something away, think outside the box to see what other things this item might be suitable for.
Do you have items of clothing that you no longer like? Let this change.
Are screw-top jars often left over in the kitchen? These can be reused for storing supplies in the kitchen or you can use them to make pretty decorative objects? All sorts of instructions can be found on the Internet.

9. Buy regionally.

When buying something new: pay attention to where the products come from and how they are made. Buy - where possible - locally and regionally. This not only saves you long transport routes, but also supports the economy in your region.

10. Look for natural materials.

Plastic everywhere? Lots of chemical additives? Make sure you buy and use natural materials whenever possible. Think about toothbrushes and rely on bamboo. Wood, glass or stainless steel are recommended in the kitchen.
In the case of textiles, for example, it is important not to choose mixed fibers, as these are difficult or impossible to recycle.

Train your eyes. In addition to our tips, you will certainly come across other situations in the future that you can make more thoughtful and environmentally friendly. And you will see: it's fun!