What did you buy yesterday

What did you do?

# A. C. Balaam #

A very bad day!

Yesterday was a very bad day for me. I didn't hear the alarm clock at first. I didn't get up until a quarter past eight. I usually get up around a quarter past seven. I didn't eat breakfast and I cycled to school very quickly. The weather was very uncomfortable - it rained heavily. I was late though! My class teacher was not at all satisfied. There was trouble.

In the fourth hour there was another row. I forgot to do my chemistry homework at home. Mr Butterwert didn't find it funny at all. He gave me detention for Friday afternoon.

The break finally came. I was so hungry because I didn't eat breakfast. I went to the canteen to buy something. Oh - bad luck again. I didn't bring any money to school. Fortunately, my friend Bernd bought me a sausage. I was very grateful!

After the break, I had biology. We did an interesting experiment. I had a lot of fun, but then there was trouble again! I broke a glass. Mrs. K├Âniglich saw that. She scolded! I had to clean the lab during my lunch break. Of course, that wasn't fun!

I didn't have any problems in the afternoon. That was good. After school, I rode my bike home.