Who sang the song Youre Beautiful in 2005

James Blunt - Back to Bedlam

captain kidd
Just heard by chance. Songwriter reminiscent of David Gray. Interesting voice and great songs. But the production seems very smooth. What can the album do? Does anyone have any experience?Zambrotta
as you said, very smooth.
but still the great songs predominate.

High, You're Beautiful, Goodby My Lover, Tears And Rain.
the album pays off in any case and the 4 songs I mentioned let us ignore the production, which in some cases is too radio-friendly.Paul
At the moment, if I'm not mistaken, still number 1 (you're so beautiful) -> Single Charts UK, album was once on number 2!no.l
horrible voice.captain kidd
you're beautiful is awesome. definitely a song of the year. the production doesn't bother here either. looks different with the others. can't decide to just order the cd. I'm afraid of the production ...no.l
the song is really nice. but the voice ...
well you hear dylan too
^ jazzcat ^
Well, I only discovered the song by chance and I think it has a beautiful voice ... suitable for the song! High also recommended ...

captain kidd
the voice is good. very very peculiar but still not annoying. but i don't trust this production yet.Armin
News from the record company on the subject of release:

we're moving the James Blunt album forward one week to September 5th as it is now at # 1 in the UK for the third week. Not only the album, but also the single, which has also been on # 1 there for 3 weeks.

The single "You're Beautiful" stays on August 29th
captain kidd
do you know something, armin? I just don't dare to order the album.justlikeyou
not a milestone in the singer / songwriter field, but a nice album.
partly reminds me of howie day.

alluding tips are "you're beautiful" and "tears and rain"meyhem
the song really works although the voice annoys meKai-Ollie
08/15 pop, but not annoying either.
The video, on the other hand, is rarely stupid.Slayernator
In the worst moments, his voice reminds me of a cross between the Kelly Family and Daniel Küblböck - Doesn't change the fact that the songs turned out pretty good, although a little irrelevant.

My ma 'please ...Armin
JAMES BLUNT's masterpiece Back To Bedlam will be released in Germany with a brand new cover on September 5th and the single You're Beautiful on August 29th.

You're Beautiful has already discovered three countries as great No. 1, namely England, Ireland and Switzerland (there has also been gold here). The song is number 2 in France, number 5 in Italy and number 10 in Hong Kong. Back To Bedlam has sold over 1 million copies in England alone, earning 3 times platinum status! It was also nominated as Record of the Year.

September 1: MTV - TRL
September 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th: SAT.1 breakfast TV
September 10: RTL - Top Of The Pops

James Blunt
JAMES BLUNT's masterpiece Back To Bedlam will be released in Germany with a brand new cover on September 5th and the single You're Beautiful on August 29th.

You're Beautiful has already discovered three countries as great No. 1, namely England, Ireland and Switzerland (there has also been gold here). The song is number 2 in France, number 5 in Italy and number 10 in Hong Kong. Back To Bedlam has sold over 1 million copies in England alone, earning 3 times platinum status! It was also nominated as Record of the Year.

JAMES BLUNT also has a brand new German website which you can find at www.jamesblunt.de.

James Blunt
Talent scout, songwriter and producer Linda Perry promotes him, superstar Elton John admires him - and finally JAMES BLUNT placed his debut album "Back To Bedlam" and the single "You're Beautiful" at number 1 on the UK charts, and at the same time knocked Coldplay (album) and Oasis (single) from the throne.

The single "You're Beautiful" will be released on Monday, August 29th and will be UK No. on September 5th. 1 album "Back To Bedlam" released in Germany, which contains 10 great songs, including You're Beautiful and the ballad No Bravery, which BLUNT wrote as a reconnaissance officer in Kosovo. You can find a lot of information about James Blunt on the brand new website at www.jamesblunt.de

You're Bautiful is also the best song by James Blunt. The rest is pretty insignificant radio pop in my opinion. Go in one ear and out the other. In my opinion, there are no special features apart from the somewhat unusual voice. But that too is not so special that I could recommend James Blunt to others. It is better to hear Beutiful a few more times until it gets on your nerves and then the James Blunt topic is ticked off.captain kidd
but isn't five points a little hard?Vennart
I think 5 points are appropriate. After all, the point criteria have to be recalibrated for the upcoming Coheed And Cambria / Oceansize - 10 out of 10 - milestones.captain kidd
10 points for this hanover prog rock with emo singing? that would be silly.o'reilly
Very bad voice, very bad voice ...Uh huh him
he makes you feel like Christ Martin in the videocaptain kidd
great voice and great guy. but maybe not cool enough for some.XY
The only song I know from him is You're beautiful from the radio. And it's so terrible ... Annoying, eardrum-damaging voice and a text that is more than simple-minded. You're beautiful, it's true. I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don't know what to do
Aha. No, sorry, the boy has to practice that again. Maybe take a couple of hours with Conor Oberst?captain kidd
you complain about the "annoying, eardrum-damaging voice" and then refer to connor oberst? where is mr ding when you need him.

of course, the voice is unusual. but i like them. and the song is awesome. because coldplay would kill for.XY
Conor Oberst's voice is also weird, of course, but different. He sings deeper and smokier, I think. James Blunt sounds like Verona Pooth (Feldbusch).XY
Also, when I mentioned Conor Oberst, I was referring to the lyrics.captain kidd
you may be right about the lyrics. although the one song by blunt features the lines "look who's alone now - it's not me" in the chorus. and that sounds very, very cool, especially in the song.Armin
CD, released 09/05/2005

JAMES BLUNT - Back to Bedlam
By now BLUNT should be used to sharing the stage with the big names in the pop business. After he was able to place his debut Back To Bedlam and the single You're Beautiful in the UK Top 5 at the same time, the door and gate opened: In Glastonbury BLUNT played alongside Keane and Rufus Wainwright, and in Locarno he played in July Supporting act by Jamiroquai. And then the almost unthinkable finally happened: the single and the album both climbed to No.1 in the album and single charts and displaced Coldplay and Oasis from their pole positions! They stayed there for several weeks and ensured that the album could look three times UK platinum after a few weeks. JAMES BLUNT can now count on more than 1 million Tontröger sold; The best prerequisites for a songwriter who also creates great enthusiasm for us (see press reviews in the appendix).

With Back To Bedlam, JAMES BLUNT has completed a sensitive and profound debut album that tells of his diverse experiences. It has nothing to do with romance, but with bitter reality when you have to tell that BLUNT No Bravery, the closing song of Back To Bedlam, wrote in Kosovo, where he was a reconnaissance officer in a tank unit.
James Blunt
In England, his single You're Beautiful catapulted to 1 on the charts, and his album Back To Bedlam even hit 1 - even before the new Coldplay album!

On September 5th, his album Back To Bedlam will be released in Germany, about which the German press has already expressed itself enthusiastically: "His music is reminiscent of Cat Stevens or a Bob Dylan," the star states, and the Frankfurter Allgemeine goes into raptures : "The album brings together ten songs rooted in pain and disappointment, full of vitality and expressiveness." Even the stylish celebrity praises: "JAMES BLUNT is a real discovery"!

At Yahoo (http://de.launch.yahoo.com/jamesblunt/&Pref=&M=1066&C=1063673051&E=6144570&I=55065) you can find the James Blunt Podcast! You can also win one of three James Blunt MP3 players from iriver or one of 10 James Blunt T-shirts! Just go to the new James Blunt homepage at www.jamesblunt.de and join in!

hey! Luckily I FIRST saw them live (and then I didn't know any of the songs and was immediately enthusiastic) and THEN bought the album (April, I think). so i can say that voice and band 1. are great live !!! 2. He (also on the album) doesn’t only sing so high, but also has a nice deep voice. I am actually rather surprised that it will enter the charts high, because in rare cases such music can be sold well in Germany, but the album is great and (for me) by no means sufficiently represented by "you're beautiful". check them out live in january (or september)! if you don't like it: tastes are of course different, and I wouldn't have thought that it would blow me away. greetingcaptain kidd
Bought. first impression: very nice, melodic pop with depth and radio production. maybe 8/10.ginger
I like you're beautiful from the songwriting and arrangement (if you can put it that way). I don't like the voice though. And because it was addressed: Connor Oberst is also quite exhausting to hear. I think my hearing is only compatible with Chris Martin and Thom Yorke.Mike
Really, you can listen to Thom Yorke's whining? My respect...ginger
well, he doesn't always whine, but I think Blunt takes a lot of getting used to.please knock
I now know high and you're beautiful, if the other songs are like that, the album will be on the listAstray
I think you're beautiful is wonderful, your voice too :)

Maybe I should go and listen to the album ...Ursus
Wacky, interesting voice, a really good song (You're Beautiful), a few other nice melodies, the whole thing is very radio-friendly. 6.5 / 10.
Bought and sold again.Paul Paul
Even if I hated the guy and especially the video at first, I can't get this song out of my head!Ursus
Yeah, that one song gets stuck ...linea
Really annoying !!!!please knock
hm ... I don't know if I should hate it or like it, even if it sounds stupid: I always get goose bumps when I'm highmovie theater
Yes, I share this love-hate relationship, which some here mention. On the one hand, the good guy sounds like a eunuch with artificial vocal cords, on the other hand, the single (the only song I know) is characterized by this hermaphrodite organ.
Whoever receives FRITZ can listen to the radio concert from Berlin at 7 p.m.Olek
Who actually broke the record test criticism for the album? I have seldom read such a criticism that was so neglected on the album.Giaco
Read a review somewhere ... James Blunt is an "old school" songwriter ... not that his music sounds old-fashioned ... "BUT: It sounds completely old-fashioned ... the voice is an uncoordinated tremor and the guitar is playing perverted annoying! That's just my opinion ... I've never been able to do anything with Donovan, Dylan and the like!

... and if someone likes eunuchs with artificial vocal cords like Kino ... he should listen to Antony and the Johnsons ... but you know what you have! A really cool "hermaphrodite organ" !!!!!!!!!Michael
So I like both the voice and the single and the album. Solid radio pop, nothing more and nothing less. If there are a few pearls, that's enough for me for 7/10.ju
...YesPaul Paul
Once again:

Whoa, has anyone happened to see the clip on the Watts site with the tennis player and tennis player about James Blunt on Euro-Sport? Despite not being in such a great mood beforehand, I laughed tears.captain kidd
i wonder more and more about the production. somehow a clever move as you can see. but i would have preferred reduction. in my rating certainly now 6.51 / 10. but still better than many, many other things outside. and I didn't understand the rezi here either.