Can I be a good writer?

Can I be a good writer without reading a lot?

Not really, no. It would be like trying to learn a foreign language without ever seeing it spoken or written.

You can certainly write as long as you can write words on a page. But that is not "becoming a good writer". Basically, if you have no idea what other books are like, you're going to be trying to reinvent the modern novel from scratch.

You have no idea what works and what to avoid. What can be powerful and what has already been done to death? What expectations will readers have of you and what surprises will their socks knock off their feet? I should qualify - it's not that there's no point in you at all, because you've probably seen movies and television and so on. You're not brand new in Stories . And yet prose is a completely different form, with a different audience, a different language, and a different terrain. You will not falsify your path in size or even in competence by sheer coincidence.

Remember, you want to write a book that you apparently prefer not to read because it is a book. Then how likely are you that you will be satisfied with this book? How do you know if you are "fine" or "not fine"? Exactly who you think will be a good audience for your work, and how can you tell if they'll like it without knowing what they're doing anything else Is funny?

The good news is that reading isn't a very arduous hobby. It doesn't take a lot of time or effort, you can start whatever you like, you can go at your own pace. You can read on the bus or listen to books on tapes and soak up the fiction literarily. (Plus pro tip: If you don't have time to read, when do you have time to write?)

And you don't have to have read a ton around to become a good writer. Have you read Tolkien? Great , now you know what these books look like. You have a model and something to imitate. Read another fantasy book or two if that's your style - you'll learn more about fantasy, and you'll notice some differences from Tolkien, too. Large; You have a broader spectrum than you did two books ago. Continue reading; Keep writing; and keep looking for books that are near your writing - for that is the area that will help you the most and most directly.

You can't be a good writer without reading at all, but once you've read how little you are, you're headed in the right direction. You can find out the pace you want as you proceed.