When can I download my PAN receipt?

If the card is not accepted:

How to decrypt the bank details on the merchant receipt

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to decrypt the bank code and account number of the cardholder concerned using the so-called PAN or card number on the receipt. We explain how.

You can easily decrypt a PAN number to identify the bank details yourself, using the merchant receipt and a list on the Bundesbank's website.

The card number of the girocard / ec card is on the merchant receipt, the so-called PAN. This is structured as follows:

The PAN no. consists of 19 digits:

  • 3 digits as country prefix
  • 5 digits as short bank code / institute number
  • 10 digits for the cardholder's account number
  • 1 digit as a check digit

The digits of the exemplary PAN number 672 12345 1010101010 2 thus stand for:

Prefix German cardShort bank codeBank account numberCheck digit
67212345 1010101010 2

After the PAN has been broken down in this way, only the bank code assigned to the short bank code with the name of the institution is required. You can find this on the Bundesbank's website.

The Bundesbank provides an online list of the bank codes, the five-digit short bank codes or institute numbers and the associated PAN number for download.

Search for the short bank code (institute no. PAN)

With knowledge of the structure of the PAN and this list, you can find the bank code and account number on girocard or ec receipts from the PAN number listed there.