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Learn Korean: 1. The Hangul Alphabet

The most important part of language acquisition is the alphabet. How lucky that the Korean alphabet (Hangul / Hanguel) is quite easy to learn. The alphabet was developed by the Korean King Sejong in the 15th century and it is a very scientific way of writing. So it is entirely possible that you will be able to read and write Korean in the next 90 minutes.

So you shouldn't skip this lesson. Because it is the foundation of the Korean language and it won't pose too much of a challenge for you. The alphabet consists of 10 vowels and 19 consonants. So there aren't many Korean characters to learn. And even if the double vowels are added in the next lesson, these are the central letters. Let's take a closer look at the consonants and vowels. Let's learn Hangul!

The vowels are the white letters in the first two rows. These are divided into two families for ease of understanding.

a) Vertical vowels

ㅣ = i

ㅏ = a

ㅓ = eo (like ‘aw’ in English ‘saw’)

ㅑ = ya

ㅕ = yeo

b) Horizontal vowels

ㅡ = eu (does not exist in German)

ㅗ = o

ㅜ = u

ㅛ = yo

ㅠ = yu


The consonants are the brown letters in our picture and we will now take a closer look at them.

ㄱ = g / k

ㅋ = k

ㄲ = gg

ㄷ = d / t

ㅌ = t

ㄸ = dd

ㅂ = b / p

ㅍ = p

ㅃ = bb

ㅈ = j

ㅊ = ch

ㅉ = yy

ㅁ = m

ㄴ = n

ㄹ = L / R

ㅅ = s / sh

ㅆ = ss

ㅎ = h

ㅇ = ng

If you have trouble pronunciation, please watch our video. This will help you pronounce the vowels and consonants perfectly.

If you need practice for this lesson to consolidate what you have learned about Korean characters, check out our Korean Textbook.

Learning Korean is not difficult at all, is it? Have you memorized all vowels and consonants? Then just try to write your name in the comments. Is learning Hangul easy or difficult compared to other languages? In the next lesson we will focus on the remaining vowels, syllable formation and sentence structure.

Learn Hangul Korean