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Three trends that will determine digitization in the future


Megatrend 1: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) will shape the next ten years. A distinction is made between “strong” and “weak” artificial intelligence. “Weak AI” describes solutions for very specific purposes, while “strong AI” are the applications that will be widely applicable. The goal of this trend is to develop a “general artificial intelligence”.

Megatrend 2: Digital platforms

Companies need digital platforms to cope with the growing amount of data and computing power. Even companies that want to organize themselves in eco-systems in the future cannot do without digital platforms. Blockchain is an aspect that, according to Gartner, is one of the key technologies for this trend.

Megatrend 3: Orientation towards the user

Gartner predicts that the boundaries between haptics and virtuality will continue to blur and, under the keyword “Augmented Reality”, the human perception of reality will be expanded with the help of new technologies.

Further trends in the coming years

In addition to these three megatrends, other technologies can be identified that will be used in companies over the next ten years.

IoT platforms: According to Gartner, IoT platforms will find widespread use in the next five years. Therefore, companies should pay attention to the following things when buying such a platform: analytics, application platform, data management, device management, integration and security. So that a comprehensive basis is created.

Serverless PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service): Another innovation is Serverless PaaS. In the form of a “black box”, the cloud service takes over the complete administration of the server infrastructure, the developer no longer has to deal directly with the server. The cloud service then takes over, for example, the capacity management and takes care of the automatic scaling of the server infrastructure.

Smart Robots: Robots will work faster, cheaper and more reliably in production and can experience their breakthrough within ten years. Due to your ability to learn, you will also be able to work with people, e.g. in customer service.


The current trend analysis shows that the new systems and intelligent technologies will open up completely new business models and strategies for companies in the coming years.