Was your child afraid of Santa Claus?

When children are afraid of Santa Claus

Not all children like Santa Claus with his red and white coat, the extensive hairy face and the deep voice. It wasn't that long ago that the figure of Santa Claus was actually used to scare children.

For many families, Christmas is actually the best time of the year because it is so cozy and the candles are burning on the Advent evenings. The Christmas decorations on the windows and the Christmas tree also contribute to the cosiness of the contemplative time. Many children tell of Santa Claus, who lands with his reindeer and the big sleigh on the roof of every house and then puts the presents under the Christmas tree. But what happens when Santa Claus suddenly comes in through the door and gives the children his shape and the sound "Ho ho ho!" Instead of joy that drives pure fear into their faces?

Many parents have already experienced the moment when their child prefers to crawl under the table instead of sitting comfortably on the white-bearded Santa Claus's lap to read him a poem. Not all children like the figure with the red and white coat and the extensively hairy face and the deep voice. This fear of Santa Claus does not always have to come from small children - school children are also often afraid of Knecht Ruprecht.

It wasn't that long ago that the Santa Claus character was actually used to scare children. Even today, parents often find themselves using Santa Claus as a leverage that would only bring the presents if the children remained good. To increase the threat of going empty-handed, there is the famous rod that Santa Claus brings instead of the presents and symbolizes the punishment for the naughty children. Some parents still hire a Santa Claus to carry out this punishment. The fear of Santa Claus is clearly understandable here, because no child wants to be chastised with the rod. Thus, many children perceive Christmas as a time of reckoning for the “misdeeds” of the past year and under these circumstances the joy is rather limited.

Do not portray Santa Claus as the guardian of the family law

It can only become contemplative and relaxed if the parents do not convey negative feelings to their children by telling their offspring that Santa Claus is either bringing the rod or presents. The stress of shopping before the party should also be withheld from the children as far as possible, because that too quickly spreads to the little ones. It is therefore much easier for everyone involved to enjoy the Christmas season and to allow themselves to be contemplative, because this is exactly the real intention of the festival. Together with the children, paint or do handicrafts, read stories about him and listen to radio plays - then the fear of Santa Claus can disappear and the children's eyes shine!