Will e-books replace traditional books

Reading on vacation: e-books are no substitute for books

When I pull the book off the shelf and open it, it crackles familiar. Grains of sand trickle out between the pages, and for a moment I feel transported to the beach on Ko Chang, where I slammed it last year after reading it. A couple of Thai baht bills fall out too, which I forgot in there. I think it was a great trip.

“I only have an e-book reader with me, because I have access to millions of books and almost no weight,” a blogger colleague recently told me, “super practical!” Yes, of course, I thought, but “practical” - is all that?

Do I want to voluntarily give up this freedom in the limited time that I can spend without a screen in front of my nose, without breaking news and status updates, without searching for sockets and charging cables? No thanks.

The lack of options in a book is very valuable: reading. Scroll further. Read. No "Oh, I'll try another one quickly, with millions of books there is definitely a better one", no "Oh, an update!" - just the book and me.

What distinguishes books from blog articles

Sure: As a travel blogger, I am familiar with the advantages of modern devices and the Internet. I am able to discover good stories and special tips in other blogs, collect them and use them for my trip. But digital things pass so quickly that I almost feel scary. Only when someone takes the effort to bring something into the analog world does it have the chance of a certain consistency.