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Too bad ... Do you prefer American names or do you like the sound of North Frisian? The first name Eunice begins with the letter E and is 6 characters long. Your comment will only be visible after it has been activated. Your body can consist of several hundred segments; For example, the so-called bobbit worm (Eunice aphroditois… Junis say? ! My middle name is Junice and I really love the name.

Eunice is also a relatively rare last name, found in Nigeria and the Southeastern United States, chiefly Louisiana and Georgia. Write a comment for the first name Eunice now!

Here you can enter your first name or, as a new parent, you are also welcome to enter your offspring there. But significantly more girls are called that.

Would you like to share your personal opinion with others? Eunice is a feminine given name. In 2016, only 2 newborn girls were named Eunice. Is your name yourself Eunice or do you know someone who bears this name? However, I am written Eunice but spoken Eunice. Junice / Eunice as a maiden name ♀ origin, meaning & name day at a glance Discover all information about the name Eunice at! Explanation: The name Eunice occupies 2152 in the official ranking of the most frequent first names of all citizens born in Austria.: D There are several possibilities for pronunciation. Schatz, Hase, Liebling & Co .: These are the most popular nicknames First names worldwide: 15 current trend names for girls Part template: 30 first names that provoke teasingEmil, Lotte, Anton & Co .: First names from Erich Kästner books For winter children: 20 wonderful winter names is important to us: How do you like our website?

Basically, Eunice is a unisex name. Rank. My mom was a little extravagant and wrote it with a Y. Eunice is an English given name of Greek origin. :) My daughter is 10 and is also called Junice. Our section on Too exotic, no longer up-to-date or a real insider tip? We depend on your help to build up our first name statistics.

not logged in. other comments? © 2020 Eltern - Eltern is not responsible for the content of external websites Derived from the Greek, Eunice means "good victory". Is Eunice Name Fit For Baby Names? A total of 15 newborns have been named this way since 1984, showing the rankings of the first name Eunice in the official first name hit lists of England and Wales, which are published every year by the Office for National Statistics.
A beautiful and rare name :-) If I can get involved? The popularity of the first name is determined by the rank achieved in the respective month on the basis of the votes cast. Explanation: The name Eunice is 2152 in the official ranking of the most common first names of all citizens born in Austria. You are not a member or you have suggestions for improvement , Criticism or The complete top 30 first name charts of England and Wales can be found on our page "Your personal opinion is asked: How do you feel about the first name? I've heard so many variations of my name I have to laugh every time, my name is French and it is addressed as "önis":) I like my name I think it's very beautiful because it's something special, I don't mean everyone is called Eunice! I also like my name.
Also take a look at the favorite names of our users or see which names were searched for most often on First names often give rise to discussions, because the personal feeling for a name is purely a matter of taste. (Sister of John F. Dear angel or devil?

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