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Do with 1 Draw the shell model of the earth and label it. 2 Make a shell model of the earth using a kitchen onion. What other materials could one build such a model from? Think about why it's just a model. Which facts are ignored? Explain these facts by means of a short text that you enclose with your model. English Corner The earth is a bit like an onion… because it consists of different layers. We differentiate between the crust on the outside, the mantle in the middle and the core - deep inside. B 6 The shell structure of the earth: 1… earth's crust, 2… outer and inner earth's mantle, 3… outer and inner earth's core 1 2 3 11 Geology Summary In the structure of the earth, we differentiate between the atmosphere (air envelope), the hydrosphere (water) and the lithosphere (Rock layer) and the biosphere (living space of living things). The earth is divided into the earth's crust, the earth's mantle and the earth's core. B 5 Origin of the seasons in the northern hemisphere The solid earth crust forms the outermost layer. It can be of different thicknesses and forms mountains, ditches and valleys. It is not a closed layer, but consists of plates. In the area of ​​the mainland and the adjacent marine areas, the earth's crust forms the continental crust, which can reach a thickness of 30 to 60 km. The thinner, oceanic crust forms the ocean floor. Here the thickness of the earth's crust can be less than 10 km. The mantle lies beneath the earth's crust. It is divided into two zones: The outer, solid part - the outer mantle - forms the lithosphere together with the earth's crust. High pressures and temperatures can deform the outer layer of the earth's mantle. With increasing depth, pressure and temperature increase. The underlying inner layer - the inner jacket - is viscous due to the high temperatures and high pressure that prevail here. This rock melt is also known as magma. The earth's core, which also consists of two layers, follows inward. It contains nickel and iron, which create the earth's magnetic field. In the outer layers, the outer core of the earth, these metals are partly liquid. In its innermost area, the inner core of the earth, the earth's core is probably solid again due to the enormous pressure that prevails here. S Spring start 21. 3. N N H e r b s t S o m m e r F r ü h l i n g W i n t e r S N Summer start 21. 6. S N Autumn start 23. 9. Winter start 21. 12. S Sun For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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