How do I post my GoFundMe

This is how you start a successful GoFundMe donation campaign in 6 steps

1. Make your fundraiser impressive

We recommend following these tips to create a successful fundraiser:

  • Use a bright main picture or add a video! This is your chance to make a lasting first impression - and we know from experience that the right pictures are the key to a fundraiser's success.
  • We also recommend that you use photos of the people who are the focus of your fundraiser, because pictures of people trigger stronger emotional reactions than mere graphics or text.
  • Your images should be sharp and of high quality.
  • Choose a catchy and meaningful title that impressively describes your fundraising campaign. It should be a call to action for the reader and include the name of the person or organization for whom you are fundraising.

2. Share your fundraiser on Facebook with family and friends

Most likely, your first supporters will most likely include family and friends. In order to collect as many donations as possible and to promote the success of your GoFundMe fundraiser, we recommend that you share your fundraiser on your Facebook network.

Don't post your fundraiser link on social media without a personal message. In it, you should explain what your fundraising campaign means to you and make it clear how much you would be happy about a donation or further sharing of the link. A short and concise message that comes from the heart will get the most attention.

3. Personally encourage your contacts to make a donation

Make 4-5 friends personally aware of your fundraising campaign - by text message, email or Facebook message, by phone or at a personal meeting.

If you decide to email your contacts about your fundraiser, we recommend that you use our email templates for the best results. While promoting your fundraiser through social media is a good idea, there are several ways you can get the support you need without social media.

4. Post news regularly

Your supporters are always happy to hear about the latest developments in your fundraiser; if you provide them with relevant news, you will increase the success of your GoFundMe fundraiser! Why is that? Because in this way you let the people who are most interested in helping you take part in your fundraiser. Writing fundraising news is easy - and we're happy to help.

Good updates can include:

  • Detailed information on how the donations are used
  • Appreciation of the people who have supported you by donating or sharing your fundraiser
  • your successes achieved so far (or those of your beneficiary)
  • A call to all supporters to share the link to your fundraiser with their own contacts

5. Show your gratitude to your supporters

Don't forget to thank your donors at the earliest possible opportunity! After all, they are giving you money that they worked hard for so you can make a project you care about!


Expert tip: It can be a good idea to ask donors to share the fundraiser link with their own contacts!

6. Let the donations raised be paid out to you

As soon as the first donations are received, you need to decide how you would like them to be paid out to you. Donations for personal fundraising will be received in the specified destination account 2–5 business days after the payout is initiated; so you shouldn't wait long to set it up!

The payment of received donations has no effect on your fundraising campaign. The indicated donation level remains unchanged and donations can still be received. Your GoFundMe donation campaign does not end automatically, but only when you deactivate it yourself.

Did you know already …that the acceptance of your donations can be suspended and even received donations can be reimbursed if the existing credit is not paid out on time?

Looking for more ways to make your fundraiser a success? Check out our GoFundMe blog for tons of great ideas.