What are the best guns in PUBG

Want to know everything about the weapons in PUBG Mobile? Then you are exactly right here!

In this guide we will discuss the various weapon classes, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each class and reveal which weapon is best in which class.

Hopefully after that you will have a better understanding of all the different handguns in PUBG and their differences.


PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles


Let's go with the most versatile weapon in PUBG Mobile.

Assault rifles are great in PUBG because they simply work well at any distance. At a short distance you can use the full power of the automatic mode and quickly turn off opponents. At longer distances, you can switch to semi-automatic fire mode and hit and kill moving enemies with precision.

There are few situations where other weapons are more useful than assault rifles.

For example, in moments when you have the opportunity to take out a player with just a single shot. You have the best chance of doing this with a sniper rifle at long range and with shotguns at close range.

No matter what other weapons you already have, you should always try to have an assault rifle in your equipment - the reliability of an assault rifle in PUBG is simply unbeatable.

Right now we would call the AKM the best assault rifle. It does the most damage and at the same time you can aim your rifle very easily. After the AKM, we recommend the M16 - it has a long range and very high accuracy. At close range, the Burst Fire mode can quickly take down enemies.

Our third choice is both the M4 and Scar - both weapons are good and have similar rate of fire and accuracy.


PUBG Mobile Guns


The only situation we encourage you to use a pistol is when you can't find another weapon. Pistols are just too weak in PUBG, and they don't really have much use in the later game.

If you can only find a pistol, take it so that you at least have something to defend yourself. As soon as you find another weapon, you can safely dispose of the pistol.


PUBG Mobile SMGs


SMGs in PUBG Mobile are good because they have a fast rate of fire and almost no recoil.

Unfortunately, SMGs in PUBG Mobile lose their effectiveness over longer distances. You should think twice about using an SMG in hand-to-hand combat or as a replacement weapon if, for example, you have little ammunition for assault rifles.

All SMGs are quite similar, but the Tommy Rifle and UMP are slightly better than other SMGs - they have better accuracy, range, and do more damage than other SMGs.


PUBG Mobile Sniper Rifles


In most shooters, the sniper rifle is what all players want. Sniper rifles hold great promise in PUBG Mobile too, but they have some distinct advantages.

First, while sniper rifles are a great way to take out opponents quickly and easily, not all snipers will be able to perform a 1-hit kill. If you have a Kar98k and your opponent is wearing body armor, you need two body hits.

If, as a sniper, you meet another sniper and he does not die directly, it is better to pick up the assault rifle and take out the enemy before he can heal. This is usually faster than reloading the sniper rifle.

You will find that you are very effective as a sniper - as long as you have a good target, it is well worth the time and effort.

The Kar98k is the best but also the only sniper rifle that appears in the world. The M24 and AWM are only available in loot boxes. The AWM is the sniper rifle in PUBG - due to its insanely long range and striking power.


PUBG Mobile DMRs

There is another class of weapons in PUBG that falls between the sniper rifle and the assault rifle. In PUBG Mobile they are part of the sniper class, but better known as DMRs within the PUBG community.

The DMRs in PUBG include the SKS, the MK14, the Mini 14, and the VSS. These weapons have a slightly higher recoil than assault rifles, but they do much more damage.

Fortunately, the recoil isn't as difficult to handle as it is on the PC version of PUBG. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself well with using the DMRs.

The MK14 is the best DMR, but it's only available in Airdrops. The second best DMR is the SKS, followed by the Mini 14.

The VSS is in a class of its own - it has a very high recoil and the bullets fly comparatively slowly. The advantage is that the VSS fires very quickly and is completely silent. So it is good in hand-to-hand combat - all other DMRs are very effective even at long range.


PUBG Mobile Shotguns


Next to pistols, shotguns are the worst class of weapons in PUBG Mobile. Shotguns shoot slowly, their range is extremely short, and they do not forgive mistakes.

Only when you're very, very close to someone can a shotgun kill a player with just a single shot. However, if you miss a shot or are too far away, it is very likely that your opponent will kill you instead before you can even fire another shot.

That is why we suggest you avoid shotguns and instead use an SMG or an assault rifle for close quarters combat.

The only exception would be the S12K - this shotgun is slightly weaker than the others, it takes about 2-4 shots to take out a player. What is good about the S12K, however, is its incredibly high rate of fire - relatively speaking.

Should you find an S12K and spend a lot of time indoors, you will surely find good use for it. However, it is almost useless and loses its value as soon as you move outside again.



Hopefully you have found the information in this guide useful. Let us know if this guide helped you learn more about PUBG Mobile.


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