What is a used smartphone

Buying a used smartphone: these are the advantages

A new smartphone doesn't have to be new. Because even used goods often work flawlessly - and bargain hunters get their money's worth. This is how the best offers can be found.

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Anyone considering buying a used smartphone should ask themselves these questions: How much am I willing to spend? Do I gamble for a bargain or do I want to be on the safe side? How soon do I need the device and should it be an iPhone or an Android phone?

iPhone or Android?

"Apple smartphones are traditionally always more expensive than comparable androids," explains Rainer Schuldt from "Computer Bild". In return, Apple has been providing its smartphones with reliable updates over the years. This has not always been the case with Android smartphones, says Schuldt.

Because updates from the operating system developer Google usually have to be adapted by the device manufacturer before they find their way onto the phone. But many manufacturers sometimes stop supporting their devices very quickly.

Google is working hard to establish ways, in particular to be able to bring security updates to the phones bypassing the manufacturers. The rule of thumb here is: the newer the Android version, the more manufacturer-independent updates can be expected.

Buy "refurbished products" from smartphones

Smartphone bargain hunters will find what they are looking for at online marketplaces such as Ebay or Amazon, recommerce portals such as Rebuy or Zoxs as well as classifieds providers such as Facebook flea market groups or Ebay classified ads. In addition, there are reconditioned refurbished goods.

This can be found on online marketplaces, from cell phone providers, retailers or the cell phone manufacturers themselves. "These are often smartphones that were used as exhibits, for example, and have minimal signs of use," says Schuldt.

The refurbished products are usually very well prepared, explains Lisa Brack from "Chip" magazine. The devices were checked and overhauled, the content deleted several times and parts replaced. "Basically, a reset to the factory settings is sufficient, but you really play it safe," explains Brack.

With both refurbished and recommerce offers, you receive a guarantee and you have a 14-day right of withdrawal. Neither of these are available for a private purchase, but it is usually the cheapest there.

Pay close attention to the description of the condition

Important to know: Virtually every provider understands something different by status descriptions such as "heavily used" or "good". It is therefore important to carefully study the information and tables that describe and categorize the signs of use, especially at dealers.

Only the two quality levels "like new" and "very good" are really recommendable, judges the specialist magazine "c '". If the buyer does not have any demands on the external condition, "good" and "acceptable" offers are also shortlisted.

Real bargains are more likely to be found in private offers on online marketplaces or classified ads portals. "Anyone who buys here should always read the seller's description very carefully," recommends Schuldt. And, if available, pay attention to how other buyers have rated this seller - also to avoid falling victim to fraud in the end.

The following points should be checked: Has the display cracked? Is the case intact or scratched? Are all the accessories included or are there no power supply units and charging cables? Is there a proof of purchase? "This is needed for later warranty claims, and it indicates the exact age of the device," explains Brack.

Put emphasis on seriousness

Meaningful photos often flank the offers. "If that is not the case: hands off," warns Schuldt. Even if only the "naked" smartphone is offered without cables or packaging, buyers prefer to steer clear of the offer. If the seller is nearby, you should definitely take a look at the device on site and try it out.

"The alarm bells should go off when the salesman says, 'I'll meet you outside or I'll bring you the cell phone,'" explains Brack. "That seems dubious. You cannot get an idea of ​​the household, where the cell phone comes from."

In addition to the display, the battery should be checked by charging the smartphone for a few minutes on site and observing the battery indicator. If the percentage jumps back and forth, something is wrong.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying used smartphones?

"Cell phones are very volatile in terms of price," says Brack. In addition, there are always good special offers for current models. "If you have a specific smartphone in mind, it's worth making a comparison here."

Some smartphones are just as cheap as used devices. He also warns: If you sell your cell phone purely over the Internet without a personal inspection, you run the risk of running into someone who, in the worst case scenario, tries not to turn on the device, but only its packaging.

"In addition, you have to rely on the seller honestly describing the condition - and that is not always the case," warns Lisa Brack from the "Chip" specialist magazine. (spot / dpa)

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