What is the Swedish word for mother

10 dirty sounding Swedish words

There are some words in Swedish that sound a bit, let's say, questionable in German. They either make you laugh or you hardly dare to say them. There are a handful of such words in English and my article on them can be found here: 10 naughty sounding Swedish words. But now it's about German, a topic that is not mentioned that often on the Internet, and so I'll give you some Swedish words that sound a bit cheeky in German.

The preposition that drives everyone crazy. It is often used in an illogical way and it is often puzzled by learners. However, it is important for this article that the word sounds like Po.


If a mother bang i sing says, she means nothing more than "off to bed, immediately". Maybe a bit unexpected for some German ears, but the word comes from Low German.


That word always makes my girlfriend laugh. What makes it especially fun is that you say it while you eat. Sounds like an illness, but here it means that the food tastes good.


At the end of some messages could be from a family member or close friend junk stand. That doesn't mean they see you as some crap. It's the Swedish word for hug.


In Sweden, small children can busty to be, something that seems very questionable in German. But this is not about the breast of a female person, but about the Swedish word for mischievous and "riotous". Just what children are mostly.


I know what you are thinking. The Swedes just like boobs. In this case, it's about the verb tittawhich means as much as to look.


They are probably even "busier" Boobs. I chose a neuter for the word extra, because it's not about the tits, but about looking. Tack for boobs in Swedish doesn't mean “Thanks for the tits” but “Thank you for letting me take a look” and could be used, for example, if you were allowed to look at a friend's new house or something similar.

Fuck lampa

What the hell do you need one for Fuck lampa? Most of them prefer to do it in the dark, right? And without “the flashlight” you wouldn't see your partner. The Fuck lampa is generally used when you need a flashlight, because Fucka is called bag.


Similar to Fucka, we have the floor Fika. This is neither about sexual intercourse nor a bag, but about the coffee break that Swedes have become so famous for. But, well, you could combine it.


Oh, the voluptuous Swedes, you think, and yes the word also means what you are thinking about. Without it, however, there would only be nine and not ten digits for us, because sex also simply means six.