How can I catch fish easily

Fishing: Tips for finding and catching fish

Fishing is an extremely versatile sport that uses very different techniques and methods. This leisure activity has a long tradition, especially in coastal areas, where beginners and professionals will find a dense infrastructure for vacations or short trips. Far from the coast, the fish mostly bites in lakes or rivers: Please note that strict legal regulations may apply, especially in Germany.

Before you start

If you want to fish a fish, you often need two papers in Germany: a fishing license and a fishing permit, also known as a water license. Different regulations and exceptions to these two documents apply in the federal states. For example, there is a special certificate for holidaymakers, which is often limited in time, but in general the holder does not have to take an exam for it. It is best to find out more about the legal nuances from the responsible fisheries authority or from the municipalities.

Methods and equipment

Depending on which fish you want to cast your line, you have a whole arsenal of effective methods at your disposal: You can, for example, surf fishing, sea fishing, cutter fishing, ice fishing and much more. Basically, you always need similar equipment for fishing. This usually includes a rod, a fishing reel, a line and a bait or hook. This equipment should vary depending on the fish and location, so for successful sea fishing on a cutter you need different utensils than for fishing in a pond or lake.

Fishing with success

Before casting a line, there are a few planning steps that should be made. Think about the places where fishing really makes sense. It is interesting to consider where most of the fish are. Many animals can be found under sunken branches in still lakes. Predatory fish in particular feel particularly at home in these regions. The main reasons for this are that there is a possibility of hiding. You can also use the shading effect as a reason. It is imperative that you hold onto the fishing rod after you have bitten a fish. Otherwise it can quickly happen that a demolition occurs.

The consumption of fish is particularly popular on island areas. The flat zones on the coastal regions provide an excellent opportunity for you to achieve success too. The living beings are attracted by the large amount of food available in the flat areas. This is exactly where you can strike. Carp in particular like to swim in these waters and are angled in large numbers.

Another promising place is bushes. Insects and other small animals often fall off these, so that the aquatic animals have quick access to food. Therefore place a natural bait in the appropriate places. In most cases it is then possible to achieve success relatively quickly. There are also interesting opportunities at the stream inlets. The aquatic animals visit these places especially in summer.

More tips on fishing for fish

In addition to the right fishing route or the right bait, there are a few very basic tips that can help you to pull the right fish out of the water. The animals are deterred by smells: Before you touch bait, route or line, your hands should be free from perfumed care products such as hand creams, deodorants or the like.

Also note the minimum sizes and closed seasons for fish: If your caught fish is too small, you have to release it again. In addition, some species may not be fished all year round. The two largest German umbrella organizations, the Association of German Sport Fishermen (VDSF) and the German Anglers' Association (DAV), in which the local fishing clubs are organized, can help you with specific questions.